2015-16 NBA Divisional Odds

2015-16 NBA Divisional Odds

Early on Tuesday afternoon, the Westgate Superbook became the first major oddsmakers to post win totals for the upcoming NBA season. Several hours later, they posted for all six division winners.

Based on these odds, the Southwest is expected to be the most competitive division with four teams listed at 8/1 or better. The Northwest is far and away the least competitive division, with the Thunder listed at 1/50 — an implied probability of more than 98%.

The tables below examine the current divisional odds at the Westgate and will be updated throughout the offseason as more sportsbooks post their odds.

Atlantic Division

TeamWestgate (9/29)
Toronto Raptors-175
Boston Celtics+175
New York Knicks+1200
Brooklyn Nets+3000
Philadelphia 76ers+10000

Central Division

TeamWestgate (9/29)
Cleveland Cavaliers-500
Chicago Bulls+450
Milwaukee Bucks+2000
Indiana Pacers+2000
Detroit Pistons+10000

Southeast Division

TeamWestgate (9/29)
Atlanta Hawks+125
Washington Wizards+220
Miami Heat+220
Orlando Magic+4000
Charlotte Hornets+4000

Northwest Division

TeamWestgate (9/29)
Oklahoma City Thunder-5000
Utah Jazz+1200
Portland Trail Blazers+10000
Denver Nuggets+10000
Minnesota T'Wolves+10000

Pacific Division

TeamWestgate (9/29)
Golden State Warriors-200
Los Angeles Clippers+150
Phoenix Suns+8000
Sacramento Kings+10000
Los Angeles Lakers+20000

Southwest Division

TeamWestgate (9/29)
San Antonio Spurs-160
Houston Rockets+300
Memphis Grizzlies+700
New Orleans Pelicans+800
Dallas Mavericks+5000

Who do you think will be the six division winners next season? Which teams do you think are being undervalued? Can the Hawks once again win a competitive Southeast Division? Please leave any thoughts or comments in the section below.

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