2014-15 NBA Win Totals Update

We’re roughly two-thirds of the way through the 2014-15 NBA season, meaning that many NBA win total bets are coming down to crunch time. So far four teams have already clinched their season win totals with the Hawks and Bucks going over, while the Knicks and Thunder have already hit the under.

The table below displays the 2014-15 NBA Win Totals from the Westgate sportsbook in Las Vegas along with the wins needed for each team to exceed their respective win total.

Team Westgate Win Totals Record Wins Needed Games Remaining
Atlanta Hawks 40.5 44-12 Over 26
Boston Celtics 26.5 21-33 6 28
Brooklyn Nets 41.5 23-31 19 28
Charlotte Hornets 45.5 22-32 24 28
Chicago Bulls 55.5 36-21 20 25
Cleveland Cavaliers 58.5 36-22 23 24
Dallas Mavericks 49.5 39-20 11 23
Denver Nuggets 40.5 20-36 21 26
Detroit Pistons 36.5 23-34 14 25
Golden State Warriors 50.5 44-10 7 28
Houston Rockets 49.5 38-18 12 26
Indiana Pacers 32.5 23-34 10 27
Los Angeles Clippers 55.5 37-20 19 25
Los Angeles Lakers 31.5 14-41 18 27
Memphis Grizzlies 48.5 41-14 8 27
Miami Heat 43.5 24-31 20 27
Milwaukee Bucks 24.5 31-25 Over 26
Minnesota T-Wolves 25.5 12-43 14 27
New Orleans Pelicans 41.5 29-27 12 26
New York Knicks 40.5 10-45 Under 27
Oklahoma City Thunder 57.5 32-25 Under 25
Orlando Magic 28.5 19-39 10 24
Philadelphia 76ers 15.5 12-44 4 26
Phoenix Suns 42.5 29-28 14 25
Portland Trail Blazers 48.5 36-19 13 27
Sacramento Kings 30.5 19-35 12 28
San Antonio Spurs 56.5 34-22 23 26
Toronto Raptors 49.5 37-20 13 25
Utah Jazz 25.5 21-34 5 27
Washington Wizards 49.5 33-24 17 25

Although the 76ers need the fewest wins to exceed their season win total but based on their current winning percentage they will barely go over with a projected 17.57 wins. Two teams that are locks to go over their season win total include the Warriors and Grizzlies, both of whom could win just 30% of their remaining games and still pay out bettors who took the over.

The least likely teams to go over their season win total include the Charlotte Hornets and Cleveland Cavaliers. The Hornets, who have only won 22 games so far this season, would need to win 24 of their final 28 games in order to reach their lofty preseason projections.

The Cavaliers, who were projected to win an NBA-best 58.5 wins, would need to win 23 of their final 24 games to hit the over. With games against Golden State, Houston, Toronto, Atlanta, Dallas, Memphis and Chicago remaining on their schedule, this task appears to be nearly impossible.

The Chicago Bulls chances to exceed their season win total took a significant hit on Tuesday (2/24) night when it was announced that Derrick Rose would undergo surgery for a meniscus tear in his right knee. The injury will sideline their star point guard indefinitely and add to the difficulty of going at least 20-5 in their final 25 games.

We will continue to update this piece as the season winds down, but we’re curious if any readers have pending NBA total bets. Has anybody already locked up their season win total with bets on the Atlanta, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City or New York? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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