2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup Futures

Most of the basketball world have their attention focused squarely on NBA free agency, and are enamored with potential landing sports for players like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and a wealth of other superstars. However, the international community may be more interested in another major basketball event — the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Much like the ongoing FIFA World Cup for soccer, the FIBA World Cup takes place every four years with the winner earning an automatic qualification for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil. Back in 2012, the United States defeated the host nation Turkey 81-65 in the finals with Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant earning the MVP.

This year the tournament, which begins on August 30th, will be held in Spain. Although the United States are the clear-cut favorites, fans can expect Spain to provide stiff competition. The Spanish national team features a wealth of current and former NBA players including Marc and Pau Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Jose Calderon, Rudy Fernandez and Serge Ibaka.

Argentina was also expected to field a competitive team with the likes of Luis Scola, Carlos Delfino, Andres Nocioni and Manu Ginobili, however, Manu played with a slight stress fracture in his right leg during the NBA Finals and is expected to miss the FIBA World Cup.

Another interesting sleeper is France, which features current NBA players like Tony Parker, Boris Diaw and Nicolas Batum. Unfortunately, one player who will not be participating is reigning Defensive Player of the Year Joakim Noah. The 6’11″ forward/center was all set to play for France in the 2012 Olympics but had to withdraw due to ongoing problems with plantar fasciitis.

It was assumed that Noah would return to the team for the FIBA World Cup, but when asked about his participation Noah said, “I live my life day to day, and I feel like the NBA season is, it’s brutal. To play all year, I think it’s something that is too much for me. So definitely not this year.”

The table below displays the current World Cup odds at Bovada and BetOnline, and we will continue to update these odds as official rosters are submitted and additional sportsbooks post their odds.

Bovada (7/3)
BetOnline (7/8)
USA -350 -350
Spain +300 +350
France +2500 +2500
Greece +2500 +2500
Argentina +2800 +2500
Brazil +3300 +2500
Lithuania +4000 +2500
Serbia +5000 +5000
Turkey +5000 +5000
Croatia +15000 +15000
Slovenia +15000 +10000
Puerto Rico +20000 +40000
Australia +25000 +25000
Angola +50000 +100000
Finland +50000 +50000
Iran +50000 +25000
Ukraine +50000 +50000
Dominican Republic +100000 +100000
Mexico +100000 +100000
New Zealand +100000 +100000
Philippines +100000 +100000
Senegal +100000 +100000
South Korea +100000 +100000
Egypt +200000 +200000

You can view each countries World Cup draw in the image below:


In fact, Bovada has already posted Group odds for the 2014 FIBA World Cup and there are some fascinating takeaways. For starters, the United States is listed at 1/100 to win their Group! Yes, you read that right. A bettor who thinks the United States will win Group C would have to wager $100 just to win $1.

What’s fascinating is that when BetOnline posted their own FIBA World Cup Futures, the United States was listed at +1000 or 1/10 to win their group. This means that a bettor would only need to lay $10 to win $1. Considering the lack of competition in the Unites States group, I would imagine that this was an oversight by the book and that these odds will be adjusted shortly.

The rest of the group odds are listed below:

Group A Winner

Bovada (7/3)
BetOnline (7/8)
Spain -225 -225
France +350 +350
Brazil +600 +600
Serbia +650 +650
Iran +20000 +20000
Eqypt +20000 +20000

Group B Winner

Bovada (7/3)
BetOnline (7/8)
Greece +130 +120
Argentina +130 +120
Croatia +300 +400
Puerto Rico +900 +900
Philippines +20000 +20000
Senegal +20000 +20000

Group C Winner

Bovada (7/3)
BetOnline (7/8)
USA -10000 -1000
Turkey +900 +900
Dominican Republic +2500 +2500
Finland +3300 +3300
Ukraine +3300 +3300
New Zealand +20000 +20000

Group D Winner

Bovada (7/3)
BetOnline (7/8)
Lithuania -120 -120
Slovenia +175 +175
Australia +300 +300
Angola +3300 +2500
Mexico +15000 +20000
South Korea +20000 +20000

Do you think anybody can stop the United States this year? Are any nation’s being undervalued? Please leave your thoughts or comments in the section below.

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