Sports Investing Index -10.3% at 9/12

As of the time of this blog post, the Sports Insights Sports Investing Index is down -10.3% for the month of September.  With the start of the football season (both college and professional football), Index performance is now comprised of a more-balanced set of sports: Baseball continues to see public favorites punish the dogs, with…

Sports Investing Index -7.9% in August

The Sports Investing Index continued its recent decline, ending September with a loss of -7.9% for August.  Major League Baseball remains positive for the year, although contrarian plays have given back much of their gains for the season.  Football is now here, though, so there will be some diversification to the Index starting now! We’ll…

Sports Investing Index -7.1% at 8/24

With about a week left in the month, the Sports Insights Sports Investing Index is down -7.1% for the month.  This is relatively unchanged since our last update near mid-month.  Baseball continues to be the sole driver of Index performance in August — but Sports Insights is preparing for college and professional football.

Sports Investing Index -6.3% at 8/16

At the time of this writing, the Sports Investing Index is down -6.3% at mid-August.  After early profits in the baseball season, the contrarian baseball market has given back some of the season’s gains.  Still, contrarian plays in MLB remain in the black, with Sports Insights’ Square Plays earning Members +11 units this season.

Sports Investing Index -14.1% in July

This is  a quick “flash” report on the Sports Investing Index.  July was difficult for contrarian plays in the sports investing marketplace (which was made up of MLB action) — and declined -14.1% for the month.  The Index remains up +4.1% for the year. Please visit the Sports Insights section dedicated to the Index here.