Sports Investing Index -6.3% at 8/16

At the time of this writing, the Sports Investing Index is down -6.3% at mid-August.  After early profits in the baseball season, the contrarian baseball market has given back some of the season’s gains.  Still, contrarian plays in MLB remain in the black, with Sports Insights’ Square Plays earning Members +11 units this season.

Sports Investing Index -14.1% in July

This is  a quick “flash” report on the Sports Investing Index.  July was difficult for contrarian plays in the sports investing marketplace (which was made up of MLB action) — and declined -14.1% for the month.  The Index remains up +4.1% for the year. Please visit the Sports Insights section dedicated to the Index here.

Sports Investing Index -16.2% at 7/25

With contrarian methods in baseball giving back some of the MLB season’s gains after the All-Star Break, the Sports Investing Index is down -16.2% during the month of July.  This comes after several months of gains — and shows that sports investing is like any other investment.  The Sports Investing Index reflects the performance of…

2011 MLB Square Plays (+34.51 Units) Continue to Earn Profits

Betting Against the Public in Major League Baseball continues to be a profitable strategy, highlighted by our MLB Square Plays, which are +34.5 units in 2011. Sports Insights is now publishing a Sports Investing Index, which reflects the performance of Betting Against the Public when applying contrarian value approaches to major US sports, focusing on our Square Play sports betting system….