Sports Betting Tips

Sports Insights provides readers with innovative sports betting tips and advice. Our betting tips are based on years of sports betting research. We believe in the use of statistical models commonly used in the stock market to locate profitable betting opportunities (value).

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Our Top Sports Betting Tips

Tip 1: Place Bets at the Correct Sportsbook
Placing your bet at the correct sports book is probably the easiest of our sports betting tips. By shopping around to always get the best line you’ll increase your winning percentages by 3%-4% no matter which team you bet on!

All Sportsbooks are not the same. Where you place your bets is as important as who you bet on. By simply placing your bets with the correct sportsbook you can increase your winning percentage by 3-4%. Check Out Our Suggested Sportsbooks

Tip 2: Bet Against the Public
This is one of our most popular and important sports betting tips. The tip is simple: always bet against the public. Which ever team the public is loading up on, simply bet the other team. There is a reason why sportsbooks are in business. pioneered the use of betting percentages data from online sportsbooks to “Bet Against the Public”. We have data from 2003 to the present to support the claim that “Fading the Public” is profitable. Read Research Proving that Betting Against the Public is Profitable

Tip 3: Betting Percentages

Use the betting percentage data found on Sports Insights to help determine the true worth of any betting line. Knowing the Home Team is favored by a betting line of -7 is one thing. Knowing that 90% of all the bets placed on this game are coming in on the Home Team -7 provides a clearer picture.

Tip 4: Bet Favorites Early, Underdogs Late
Any seasoned sports betting professional knows that the public loves to wager on favorites. Use this to your advantage. Most sharp players are underdog players because of the value in buying back betting odds bloated by the massive influx of square (public) money. Use our Line Movement Prediction tool to help figure out when the scales will tip one way or the other.