2012 Sports Insights Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey. Many additions and improvements to SportsInsights come directly from our members and we encourage you to contact us anytime with any ideas and suggestions that you have to improve our service.

Percentage of Money Wagered vs. Percentage of Total Bets 

This is one of the most popular questions we receive on our surveys and throughout the year from our members. We would love to offer the percentage of money placed on each game.  Unfortunately, none of our participating sportsbooks have agreed to offer this information. If the amount of money on each side of a game is ever made public, we will do our best to acquire it for our members.

Membership Price Increase

In the past six months, we have invested significant resources back into the company, resulting in our Live Odds 3.0 page, smart phone apps and multiple other features. While we understand price increases can be frustrating, it has helped us develop a better product for members that remains considerably cheaper than the majority of our competitors.

How do I get involved with your Affiliate Program or XML Feeds?

Sports Insights currently offers Real Time XML Odds feeds and XML Injury feeds for anyone interested in accessing this data.

We also have an Affiliate Program that offers 50% commissions on all conversions for those with sports-related websites.

Where can I find Betting Against the Public results?

Before each season, we publish a Betting Against the Public article that shows the results and optimum levels for Betting Against the Public. You can view all of our Betting Against the Public articles here.

You can also signup here to receive all of Sports Insights’ articles via email.

How can I access your information from my mobile device?

We have mobile apps for both Android and iPhone smart phones for our members who are on the go.:

Can I see the number of bets broken down per wager type (spread, moneyline, over/under, parlay/teaser)?

Our contributing sportsbooks currently report the data to us simply by total number of bets on each game. Therefore, we do not yet have the data to provide that option.

Can I receive more Marktewatch articles and selections?

For anyone interested in accessing just picks, we now offer an Expert Picks membership that allows members to receive all of our Best Bet selections through email. Our Marketwatch selections are a subset of Best Bets and therefore all of our Best Bet picks use the same criteria outlined in each of our Marketwatch articles.

Do you offer more detailed scoring information?

We recently upgraded our scoring feature on Live Odds 3.0 to include:

  • – Full game scoring graphs
  • – Scoring vs. the spread
  • – Score vs. the total (over/under)
  • – A list of all scoring updates

To access our upgraded scoring, hit the “Yesterday” button at the top of your Live Odds 3.0 Page, then select the check-mark icon located next to the desired game.

Plus, members using Live Odds 3.0 can now see which team has possession of the ball for all football games.

Can you simplify your user interface?

This is one of the most common suggestions we received this year and we have made improving our user interface our number one priority. We are currently redesigning the layout of our Live Odds 3.0 page to make it simpler and easier to navigate for our members.