VegasInsider vs. Sports Insights

Vegas Insider is a new comer to the world of “high-end” real time odds, while Sports Insights has been an established and trusted player in the field for over ten years. They traditionally focus on articles, team statistics, and pumping up At the rate they pump up, you’d think they own them! The real time odds products from Vegas Insider include all the standard features and sportsbooks. Their updates are pretty close to real time and they do a good job reporting injuries. The only real edge they have are their agreements to display betting odds from various US-based Las Vegas sports books. Las Vegas is still a major player in the sports betting world. Yes, the majority of bets are now placed online at sportsbooks like Pinnacle and BetUS, but Las Vegas line moves still carry a lot of weight.

Sports Insights offers all the same features as VegasInsider plus “inside” betting trends information from multiple online sportsbooks. Sports Insights has agreements with multiple sportsbooks to show how every sporting event is being wagered on. It’s like having an inside person working at the sportsbooks. Which company offers real inside information? You guessed it – Sports Insights. We’re the ONLY sports betting information service that offers members the total package: real-time live odds, propriety betting trends statistics, and winning sports betting systems (best bets, square, steam moves, and smart money). Try to find that anywhere…with the exception of the big green button below of course!

You don’t have to take our word for it. In fact, the well-known and unbiased has rated Sports Insights as a “5-Star” sports information site. The review was written by Allen Moody, a 26-year sports gambling veteran with great knowledge of what makes a quality sports information website. Read the full article here.

Why would someone pay $299/month for a service that is inferior to our $249/month “Pro” level service? We have no idea. Sports Insights has always been about helping sports bettors make better decisions based on facts. We challenge current Vegas Insider members or any real time odds server member to test their odds updating service against ours. You be the judge! You’ll get better sports betting information for a fraction of the cost. Take the Sports Insights challenge and compare your betting odds & lines service against ours.

The following table compares the features and pricing found on Sports Insights to VegasInsider.

Comparison Sports Insights Vegas Insider
Price $249/month (Pro Package) $299/month
Update Speed Real Time Odds Real Time Updates
Original Thinking Yes, pioneering betting percentages and graphs. First company to offer betting statistics directly from sportsbooks – since 1999) Next, we use this betting data to systematically prove that Fading the Public, and Smart Money indicators are profitable betting systems. No
Sports Betting Systems Square, Smart Money, Best Bets, Steam Moves Their sole betting strategy is beating the line move. But if you bet the line move, you’ll be kicked out of every sportsbook.
Picks Free to Premium and Pro: Square, Smart Money, Best Bets, Steam Moves Yes, packages start at $59/month.
Line Prediction Yes, our Line Predictor tool is Free for Pro Members. No
Betting Percentages from Sportsbook Yes, SI has been offering betting percentage data since 1998, including spread, moneyline, O/U, and parlays. No
Betting Data Analysis Yes, SI offers 10+ years worth of betting data analysis, proving that Fading the Public, Smart Money, and Steam Moves betting strategies produce winning results. None of any kind
Sports Betting Articles Yes, we provide original articles to our members, with tips & strategy focused on helping them increase their winning percentage. No
Archived Betting Data Yes, SI offers 10+ years of betting percentages, plus openers, closers, and scores. No
Injury Reports Yes, pop up window alerts, email alerts and text messages. Yes, pop up window alerts.
Smart Money Alerts Yes, members receive instant alerts with the betting line moves against the betting percentages. No
Mobile Content Yes, members can use mobile phones and other wireless devices to view betting odds, stats, scores, picks, and injury reports. No
Video Tutorials Yes, we have video tutorials that help our members get acquainted with our site and our betting systems No
Live Customer Support Yes, we offer live online support through our chat client on every page in our website No