Don Best Sports vs. Sports Insights

We receive countless emails and phone calls from prospective members asking if Sports Insights’ Sportsbook Insider Pro Membership, with real time live odds updates, beats Don Best Sports ( Don Best Sports has long been the gold standard for real time sports betting odds & lines information services. We admit Don Best Sports is good at what they do. The problem is they continue to charge their members outrageous prices and have done little to improve their product. The Don Best product you see today is almost identical to what they offered 20 years ago! While their product continues to remain the same, so does the price…EXPENSIVE.

Don Best Sports has continually kept their price extremely high over the years. They continue to charge sports bettors a whopping $499/month. Imagine if your cable company still gave you the same basic channels and features they did 20 years ago but continually increased your rate. Don Best Sports is a classic monopoly that fails to innovate while increasing prices. Their lack of innovation coupled with their high membership costs makes them a dinosaur within the sports betting odds industry. When a Don Best member pays $499/month they are buying the name and nothing else. The sports betting world is about finding an edge. Don Best lost their edge as the internet continued to grow and they failed to innovate. Sports Insights conversely leveraged its web enabled technology, innovative features, and lower cost structure to become the leader in sports betting information. Don Best has been offering the same content since the early 90’s. Sports Insights on the other hand offers members cutting edge content – betting trends, betting systems, and real time betting odds updates — all at 1/2 the price of Don Best.

Why would someone pay $499/month for a service that is inferior to our $249/month service? We have no idea. Sports Insights has always been about helping sports bettors make better decisions. We challenge current Don Best members to test their live odds updating service against ours. You be the judge! Switching to Sportsbook Insider will be the best decision you’ll make this season. You’ll get better sports betting information for a fraction of the cost.

The following table compares the features and pricing found on Sports Insights to Don Best Sports.

Comparison Sports Insights Don Best Sports
Price $249/month (Sportsbook Insider Pro) $499/month
Speed of Odds Updates Real Time Odds Real Time Odds
Original Thinking Yes, pioneering betting percentages and graphs. First company to offer betting statistics directly from sportsbooks – since 1999. No, they offer the same exact live odds product as they did in the early 90’s. They do not offer betting percentages, betting systems, or Smart Money alerts.
Sports Betting Systems Best Bets, Square Plays, Smart Money, Steam Moves None
Picks Free to Pro Members: Best Bets Picks, Square Plays Picks, Smart Money Picks, Steam Move Picks Yes, average price of $35 per pick per day, offer over 25 cappers.
Line Prediction Yes, our Line Predictor tool is Free for Pro Members. No
Betting Percentages from Sportsbooks Yes, Sports Insights has been offering betting percentage data since 1999. No
Betting Data Analysis Yes, Sports Insights offers 7 years worth of betting data analysis, proving that Betting Against the Public, Smart Money and Steam Moves betting strategies produce winning results. None of any kind
Historical Betting Odds Archive Yes, Sports Insights offers betting odds and a betting trends archive that goes back to 2003. Data includes betting percentages, openers, closers, and scores. We now also have the Bet Labs customizable historical odds database software! Yes, openers, closers, and scores. NO BETTING DATA
Injury Reports Yes, pop up window alerts members to injury updates. Yes, pop up window alerts members to injury updates.
Smart Money Alerts Yes, members receive instant alerts with the betting line moves against the betting percentages. No
Mobile Content Yes, members can use mobile phones and other wireless devices to view betting odds, stats, scores, picks, and injury reports. No

*Don Best Sports also offers a “lite” membership for $99. They withhold updates up to 2 minutes. It’s not even worth comparing.