Compare ShowMeTheOdds Real Time Updates

Show Me The Odds is a new comer to the real time odds industry. They literally sprang up out of nowhere over night. It believed by most sports betting industry insiders that is really GJUpdate software backed by Don Best Sports betting odds feeds.  In the spring of 2010, Don Best Sports took over a failing GJUpdate. Within a matter or weeks appeared on the scene boasting many of the same exclusive feeds as Don Best Sports. We strongly encourage members of ShowMeTheOdds, or any other real time odds servers, to compare our products verse their current provider. We offer a trial membership. Which allows you to test our product and decide for yourself.

The following table compares the features and pricing found on Sports Insights to Show Me The Odds.

Comparison  Sports Insights ShowMeTheOdds
Price $249/month $150/month
Update Speed Real Time Updates Real Time Updates
Original Thinking Yes, pioneering betting percentages and graphs. First company to offer betting statistics directly from sportsbooks. (1999) Next, we use this betting data to systematically prove that Fading the Public, and Smart Money indicators are profitable betting systems. No, despite being one of the newer sports information websites, they offer very little that is new or original
Sports Betting Systems Square
Smart Money
Best Bets 
Steam Moves
“Syndicate Plays” a.k.a. Steam Plays
Picks Free to All-Pro: SquareSmart MoneyBest BetsSteam Moves No
Betting Percentages from Sportsbook Yes, SI has been offering betting percentage data since 1998, including spread, moneyline, O/U, and parlays. No
Betting Data Analysis Yes, SI offers 7 years worth of betting data analysis, proving that Fading the PublicSmart MoneySteam Moves betting strategies produce winning results. None of any kind
Sports Information Articles Yes, we provide original articles to our members focused on helping them up their winning percentage. No
Historical Betting Odds Archive Yes, SI offers 6+ years of betting percentages, plus openers, closers, and scores. No
Injury Reports Yes, pop up window alerts, email alerts and text messages. Yes, pop up window alerts.
Smart Money Alerts Yes, members receive instant alerts with the betting line moves against the betting percentages. No
Mobile Content Yes, members can use mobile phones and other wireless devices to view betting odds, stats, scores, picks, and injury reports. No
Video Tutorials Yes, we have video tutorials that help our members get acquainted with our site and our betting systems No
Live Customer Support Yes, we offer live phone, email and chat support No
Download Software No, just login and view stats. 100% web based content. Yes