Smart Money Example

Betting lines move for many reasons; injury updates, weather, etc., but “betting line movement” that goes against the “betting percentages” is an excellent indicator of Smart Money, also referred to as Sharp Money. Smart Money is defined as an individual or betting syndicates that places large wagers on games. These players/syndicates typically have inside information or have completed exhaustive research on the game before placing large bets. We always suggest following the Smart Money!

For example, 85% of the Public is betting on NY Jets -7, but the line moves to NY Jets-6. This line movement would trigger a “Smart Money” alert. Our research suggest that Smart Money came in on the opposite causing the line moved against the Public. We use our massive database of public betting data and line movement info to pinpoint the optimal triggering settings. We do all the number crunching for you. You just sit back and relax. Premium Pro Members can choose to be notified by email or pop-up alerts. When following Smart Money plays it’s extremely important to monitor which sportsbook triggered alert.