Sportsbook Rankings

All online sportsbooks are not created equal, and that’s a good thing. Just like any industry, having a variety of options to choose from is desirable. You might ask yourself, “Well how different can they be? They hang a line, they take a bet, end of story.” But there are a number of ways sportsbooks can vary.

Here at we have broken down the sportsbook world into 4 major categories: Loose Lines, Reduce Juice, Depositing Bonus, Sharp Lines. The definitions for each are listed below and after each definition we have ranked the Top 8 in each category.

Sportsbook Category Definitions:

1. Loose Lines – Sportsbooks that are considered loose will deviate from the ‘real’ line. In some cases this is because they’re taking heavy favorite action and will shade their lines accordingly. However it could also be they just don’t follow the crowd.

2. Reduced Juice – A sportsbook that offers reduced juice; that is something other than the standard -110 juice on sports.

3. Sharp Lines – A sharp sportsbook deals its own line and caters to sharp players. They will not move on air, they don’t follow the crowd and they take huge bets.’s Sportsbook Rankings:

Top Ranking Loose Lines Sportsbooks:
Top Ranking Reduce Juice Sportsbooks:
Top Ranking Sharp Lines Sportsbooks:

So who should you play with? leverages its 11 years of sports betting experience to give you the Top 3 Sportsbooks you should have an account with.