Reduced Juice Sportsbooks

Reduced Juice This is pretty self explanatory. A sportsbook that offers “reduced juice”, something other than the standard -110 juice on sports. It can either be every day or at least the same special year round. For instance a sportsbook might offer -105 on Fridays or -107 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This is a good example of how it can help to have multiple outs, so you can almost always get reduced juice every day of the week. Reduced juice betting will save you a lot of money in the long run. Reduced vigorous sportsbooks are able to offer lower juice/pricing because online sportsbook overhead is significantly lower than a traditional land based sportsbook / casino.


Top Reduced Juice Sportsbooks

Rank Sportsbook Juice Description
1 Pinnacle -105   -105 every day with -104 on NFL Sides
2 Cascade -105  -105 on NFL/NBA/NCAA football
3 Canbet -107   Every day, every sports
4 WSEX -104   On live betting events
5 5Dimes -105   On football and basketball (moneylines, sides and totals)

Betting at reduced juice sportsbook will have turning your bankroll around. Think of it as losing less when you bet a reduced juice prices.