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It is amazing to us how predictably bad sports bettors are at money management. Case in point, the phenomena of reduced juice betting, laying -105 or -107 instead of -110. Reduced juice betting is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of any online sports bettor. Why then do most sports bettors refuse to use it? Do players like giving away their cash? This is exactly what they are doing by continuing to lay -110 instead of -105. Knowing that a lot of players still do not take advantage of reduced juice betting, we have decided to explain what it is, and how it WILL help you make money regardless of which team you bet.

Is It Safe?
Yes, two of the most respected online sportsbooks offer reduced juice -104 and -105 every day.

Pinnacle Sportsbook:  Lay 104/105
Pinnacle is located in Curacao, NV. They offer -105 juice every day, plus a 10% sign up bonus. Their average DAILY handle is more then most sportsbooks’ YEARLY handle. Pinnacle is bigger in size and handle than most Las Vegas sportsbooks. They accept wagers of up to 100K and welcome Wiseguy action. Payouts come within minutes.

5Dimes Sportsbook:  Lay 105
5Dimes is a sportsbook located in San Jose, Costa Rica. They are one of the sharpest books in the marketplace and offer -105 lines everyday as well as five cent lines overnight (-103/-102) .

Reduced Juice:
First off, let us state how important reduced juice betting is:
-Any person that understands the basics of money management uses reduced juice betting.
-Any player that makes a living at sports betting uses reduced juice betting.
-Any player planning on making a living at sports betting should use reduced juice betting.

It has been well documented that a monkey flipping a coin can expect to hit 50% of his games. It is also understood that this same monkey needs to have a winning % greater than 52.37% to overcome the -110 juice and simply break even.  Reduced juice betting drastically affects the win %  by bringing this number down: -107 = 51.67%, and -105 = 51.22%.

Reduced juice is better than any bonus you will ever receive.

Top Reduced Juice Sportsbooks

Rank Sportsbook Juice Description
1 Pinnacle -105   -105 every day with -104 on NFL Sides
2 5Dimes -105  -105 everyday, overnight five cent MLB lines (i.e. -103/-102)
3 Heritage -105  -105 on NFL/NBA/NCAA football