Why It Works

Simple, better information equals better decisions. Sports Insights does a lot more than provide real time betting odds. We provide members with cutting edge sports betting data (betting trends percentages on every game), plus the betting systems and betting tools to take advantage of it. In the sports betting world it’s all about finding an edge. We’re proud to offer our members the most innovative betting tools & content found anywhere online. Once you start using Sports Insights you’ll never make another bet with out it!

Sports Betting Edge:

Betting Percentages from Multiple Sportsbooks

Our members enjoy direct access to the line boards of multiple sportsbooks. We track the number of bets placed and the percentage of bets placed on every game (Spread, Moneyline, Parlay/Teaser, and Over/Unders). Member see the action come in bet by bet. We currently track betting percentage data from 7 online sportsbooks. (See Contributing Sportsbooks)

Live Real Time Odds

Live real-time odds from the industry most respected sportsbooks (See List). Our updates will match or beat any live odds provider in the industry. We guarantee it.

Betting Systems

On top of our real time data platform we’ve built an impressive suite of sports betting systems. We don’t handicap games. We handicap the sports betting marketplace. We’ve taken the methodology found at the most profitable financial trading companies on Wall Street and brought it to the sports betting world. Our betting systems work on proven economic principles and produce consistent winning results across all sports.

Betting Systems: Best Bets, Smart MoneySteam Moves, Square Plays

Easy to Use

Login to view plays generated by our betting systems or have them emailed to you. On the road? No problem, we provide Sports Betting Apps for your mobile devices, so you can also receive text message or email alerts with profitable plays when on the go.


We intentionally keep the price of our Sportsbook Insider live odds product low to help increase your winning potential. We only charge $249/mo for the Pro membership and $149/mo for Premium. Other real time odds providers charge between $300-$500/month.