Live Betting Odds

Sports Betting Live Odds

Sports Insights offers members unique sports betting software with live betting odds. We provide traditional real-time betting odds plus betting percentages from online sportsbooks, and even line movement prediction! No other company offers a more detailed picture of the forces affecting sports betting odds and line movement. We pride ourselves not only on offering innovative betting statistics but also on offering the world’s fastest live betting odds updates.

Sports betting odds are defined as the agreed-upon “price” set by the sportsbook or person taking the bet. Betting odds move up and down for many reasons. Typically, sportsbooks adjust their betting odds in reaction to heavy one side betting. In order to balance their amount of action coming in – they adjust the odds to make the least bet more attractive to wager on.

By tracking the opening betting odds versus the current betting odds sports bettors can determine which team wagering activity is most heavy on. The sportsbook sets the opening odds price but the sports betting market dictates the movement of the odds. Closely monitoring sports betting line moves with Sportsbook Insider live odds will help any level of sports bettor determine a betting line’s true worth.

We’ve been offering live betting odds since 1999. The live betting odds platform serves as a foundation for our original Sportsbook Insider sports betting software and systems. Our members have access to the most powerful real-time odds tracking tools and betting systems ever developed. They can view opening odds (opening lines), current odds, and line movement history all on one easy-to-read page. We track sports betting live odds from 40+ sportsbooks. We do all the heavy lifting. Our members merely login and select which sportsbooks they want to follow — and the order they want them displayed.

But live betting odds are only the beginning. We go one huge step further and take members by the hand and show them how to bet on sports and profit from our original betting odds data.