Sportsbook Alert Filter for Betting Systems

New Sportsbook Alert Filter for Premium Pro Members

When we asked for your opinions and suggestions in our Member Survey last Winter, many of you asked for more ways to filter your Betting System Alerts. We are glad to introduce our newest option to Premium Pro members. You can now select which triggering book you would like to receive Betting System Alerts from. If you only want to receive plays from a few select sportsbooks, this is now a possibility. In the Alerts tab of your Settings, you’ll notice a new Selected Sportsbook List link at the top of the window. You can use this to choose your selected books. After moving your choice books to the right column, your new alerts filter will be set up. You will now be able to receive only the alerts you want; no more clutter in your email or text inbox.

For a quick video tutorial helping with this new filter, click here.

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