2009 Member Survey and Results

Thanks to all the members who participated in our recent survey. Your feedback and suggestions are the driving force behind implementing new features and improving our site. In reviewing the survey results, we thought it would be a good idea to address some of the common concerns and suggestions submitted by our members.

Provide the percentage of money bet

We would love to offer the percentage of money placed on every team; Unfortunately, none of our participating sportsbooks have agreed to offer this information. In 1999, we were the first company to ever offer the percentage of bets placed on each team, and if a sportsbook ever does agree to offer the percentage of money placed on a game, there is a good chance it’ll be found on Sports Insights.

Break down the “# of bets” statistics

Many members expressed interest in viewing a more detailed break down of the “# of bets” statistic. It is important to understand what the # of bets static represents and which sportsbooks provide it. We only collect the # of bets info from 3 of our 7 contributing sportsbooks. The 3 sportsbooks that provide this information deliver it to us as a combined total number. They do not break it out in to the individual bet type, and therefore it is currently impossible for us to relay that information to you. Visit our Frequently Ask Question Page (FAQ) for more details on the # of bets statistics.

How can the betting percentages change for a game while the # of bets does not?

Again, only 3 out of the 7 participating sportsbooks provide the # of bets statistics. As a result, when bets come in from contributing books that don’t report # of bets, the betting percentage will change but the # of bets will remain the same. Please refer to the earlier reply concerning how “# of bets” is calculated for more info.

Slow 2nd half betting percentages data

We are working on addressing the speed of our 2nd half betting percentages data. The main issue is only 2 of 7 contributing sportsbooks provide 2nd half betting percentage data. We’re actively working with these sportsbooks to provide faster 2nd half betting data to better meet our members’ needs.

Add the “# of bets” statistic to the mobile content site, wap.sportsinsights.com.

For those that don’t know, we offer a mobile version of our content designed to be viewable with a web enabled cell phone or PDA. This feature is only available to Premium and Premium Pro members. We will focus on improving our mobile content this summer and will include the # of bets stats. We will also be making it easier to navigate. If you’d like to be a part of our mobile content Beta testing team, please send us a message by visiting the Contact Us page. (include your name and email address).

Print Option

Many members asked us to add a print option to our live odds page, and we wanted to get the word out that it already exists. There is a Print option located in the “Extra” drop down menu found at the top of the screen.

Soccer Content

A lot of members expressed interest in adding Soccer content and we hear you loud and clear. If you’re interested in Beta testing the new soccer content, please visit the 

Contact Us page. Send us your name and email address and state that you want to be on the soccer Beta Testing list.


Where does the record in the Results table located on the live odds page come from?

Members expressed confusion about where we get the records that appear in the Results table located at the top of the live odds page. It’s simply the record of the best performing sportsbook for that betting system. It is not the combination of all sportsbook records. When following our Betting Systems, it’s all about the triggering sportsbook’s record, and we only recommend following plays that are triggered by sportsbooks with records that have positive Units Won. You can click on any of the front page records to pull up a full report of the betting system play for every triggering book. The picture below illustrates the records you see on our main page and the corresponding full report, with an arrow showing where the main page record was pulled from.

Explain the “Units Won” column and how’s it’s calculated.

It’s extremely important that our members fully understand what the “Units Won” statistic represents and how it’s calculated. While winning percentage may be the first stat you see when evaluating performance, “Units Won” is the most important number when evaluating a betting system or handicapper’s true worth.

“Units Won” is the amount of money a group of plays won or lost after factoring in juice. It is a simple way to compare a group of plays regardless of a player’s bankroll. All you have to do is multiply your average bet size by the Units Won to reveal how much you’d won or lost by following those plays. At Sports Insights we always risk 1 Unit per play. We NEVER change the Units placed on any wager, and we’ve been using the 1 Unit standard since 2003. This allows members to compare apples to apples when evaluating our other betting systems and previous year’s performance. We attempt to be as transparent as possible.

On the live odds page you’ll see results for our Betting Systems displayed in boxes like the one below. We make it easy for members to gauge a strategy’s true worth by doing the “Units Won” calculations for you. To calculate your earnings, simply multiply your standard wager by the units won.

Using the table above, a $50 bettor would be up $340.00 at this point on the season for the NFL Steam Moves. [6.8 (units) x $50 = $340.00] Simply multiply your average bet size by the Units Won stats to calculate how much you’d have won by following that betting system.

Improve Injury Report Content

Since January we’ve made significant improvements in how we gather, process, and alert member to breaking news and injury reports. We invite all Premium and Premium Pro members to activate email and pop-up alerts by visiting your Settings page. 

Too Expensive

Surprisingly, a few members stated they thought our service was too expensive. We say we are surprised because we pride ourselves on being the best value in the sports betting industry. Sports Insights is by far the most inexpensive live odds provider on the planet. We only charge $79/month for live odds, betting %’s, and injury reports. Our competitors charge between $300-$500/month for the same content. That’s 4-6 time more expensive per month. Compare Live Odds Providers

Our Premium Pro membership provides the same live data plus consistently winning betting systems plays for only $179/month. A traditional handicapping site (dare I say scamdicapping site) sells picks for approximately $50/day which works out to be $1500/month. We purposely keep our membership rates low in order to make it easier for members to overcome the cost of purchasing our content. Our Premium and Premium Pro membership are designed to pay for themselves the very first time you use it. However, we realize that even our low price is out of reach for some sports bettors; It doesn’t make sense for a person who places less than $100 in action per week to purchase a $179 membership. This is why we offer our Basic membership completely free to the betting public. No matter what kind of bettor you may be, there is a Sports Insights product designed to fit your particular need.