2011 Member Survey Results

2011 Survey Results 

Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey. Many additions and improvements to SportsInsights come directly from our members and we encourage you to contact usanytime with any ideas and suggestions that you have to improve our service.

Basic Membership Price Increase

We understand that many of you were not happy that we changed our Basic Membership rate to $15/ month. While other sites offer delayed odds for free, we also include Betting Trendsdata from six contributing sportsbooks. The Basic content was originally designed to be supported by revenue generated from sportsbook advertisements.  That advertising revenue no longer exists due to the recent changes in US laws concerning sportsbook advertising.  We will continue to evaluate our membership structure to try to benefit all parties involved.

Las Vegas Sportsbooks 

We have made some recent improvements to our feeds for the Las Vegas and other brick and mortar casinos.  These odds are now updating faster and are more stable than in the past.  SportsInsights currently offers odds from Atlantis, Caesars, Golden Nugget, Palms, Leroys, LV Hilton, LVSC, Mirage, Stations, Wynn and Venetian.

Individual Betting Percentages

Many members would like to view betting percentages for an individual book, and we do offer that option for Premium and Premium Pro members.  You can click on “Betting Trends” and view the percentages of our six market-setting sportsbooks.  You can also view a particular books’ percentages on the Live Odds Classic page by going to your settings, clicking on “Betting Percentages” and then changing the % Display dropdown menu.

Customizable Betting Systems 

We are working on customizing our betting system alerts even further, at your request.  Future options could include alerts filtered by sport and specific sportsbook moves (i.e. NCAA BB, 5Dimes Steam Moves, NHL Best Bets, or MLB Matchbook Smart Money Alerts).

Percentage of Money Wagers vs. Percentage of Total Bets 

We would love to offer the percentage of money placed on each game.  Unfortunately, none of our participating sportsbooks have agreed to offer this information.  We were the first company to ever offer the percentage of bets placed on each team, and if a sportsbook ever does agree to offer the percentage of money placed on a game, we will certainly do our best to acquire that data and make it available to our members.

Live Odds 2.0 vs. Live Odds Classic

We were surprised to see how many users still prefer the Classic page over the 2.0 page.  As a result, we will be keeping the Classic page and will be making improvements to both of our current real time odds platforms.  Upgrades will include improving second-half lines and providing in-game betting data.

Improve Content of Sports such as Tennis and Soccer

We are still looking to improve our services for other sports, including live scoring updates and betting information for Tennis, Soccer, Golf and NASCAR.

How do I get involved with your Affiliate Program or XML Feeds?

We are excited to introduce our new affiliate program, which will be ready for March Madness and the upcoming MLB season.  If you have a website that is interested in joining or are interested in receiving our XML feeds, please contact us for more information.