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NBA Injury Report

CelticsGordon HaywardFOut indefinitelySprained right ankleGordon Hayward expected to miss 4 weeks.Aug 2
CelticsVincent PoirierC-FOutPersonalVincent Poirier (Personal) is Out this week.Sep 0
CelticsJavonte GreenG-FOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryJavonte Green underwent knee surgery.Aug 2
NetsKevin DurantFOut for seasonRight Achilles surgeryDurant: "My season is over. I don't plan on playing at all."Jun 6
NetsMichael BeasleyFSuspendedFive-game suspensionBeasley is suspended with suspensionJul 4
NetsNicolas ClaxtonF-COut for seasonLeft shoulder surgeryNic Claxton underwent season-ending shoulder surgery.Jun 3
BullsKris DunnGOut for seasonSprained right MCLKris Dunn to miss rest of season.Mar 2
BullsLuke KornetF-COut indefinitelySprained left ankle, fractured left footLuke Kornet to miss 6-8 weeks.Feb 4
BullsChandler HutchisonF-GOut for seasonRight shoulder surgeryChandler Hutchison to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery.Mar 3
BullsMax StrusG-FOut for seasonTorn left ACL, bone bruiseStrus is out for season with kneeDec 2
CavaliersDylan WindlerG-FOut for seasonLeft tibial stress reactionDylan Windler to miss rest of season.Jan 1
MavericksCourtney LeeGOut indefinitelyCalf surgeryCourtney Lee underwent calf surgery.Jun 1
MavericksKristaps PorzingisF-COut indefinitelyTorn right meniscusKristaps Porzingis diagnosed with torn meniscus.Aug 5
MavericksDwight PowellF-COut for seasonRuptured right Achilles tendonDwight Powell underwent season-ending Achilles surgery.Jan 2
MavericksWillie Cauley-Stein Jr.COut for seasonPersonalWillie Cauley-Stein to sit out the Orlando restart.Jun 4
MavericksJalen BrunsonGOut for seasonRight shoulder surgeryJalen Brunson undergoes shoulder surgery.Mar 5
NuggetsWill BartonFOut indefinitelySore right kneeWill Barton to leave Orlando bubble.Aug 3
NuggetsVlatko CancarFOut indefinitelyFractured left footCancar is injured with footJul 5
PistonsBlake GriffinFOut indefinitelyLeft knee surgeryBlake Griffin underwent knee surgery.Jan 2
PistonsLuke KennardGOut indefinitelyBilateral knee tendinitisKennard is injured with kneeMar 0
WarriorsKlay ThompsonGOut for seasonTorn left ACLThompson is out for season with kneeFeb 5
RocketsThabo SefoloshaF-GOut for seasonPersonalThabo Sefolosha to sit out the Orlando restart.Jul 3
RocketsTyson ChandlerCOutNeck spasmsChandler is out with neckSep 6
RocketsDanuel House Jr.F-GOutPersonalDanuel House to leave Orlando bubble; won't play again this season.Sep 5
PacersJeremy LambG-FOut for seasonTorn left ACL, torn meniscus, fractured lateral femoral condylarLamb is out for season with kneeMar 0
PacersDomantas SabonisF-COut indefinitelyLeft foot plantar fasciitisDomantas Sabonis to leave Orlando bubble with significant foot injury.Jul 5
LakersAvery Bradley Jr.GOut for seasonPersonalAvery Bradley to sit out the Orlando restart.Jun 3
LakersDion WaitersGOutSore left groinWaiters is out with groinSep 0
GrizzliesJustise WinslowF-GOut for seasonHipJustise Winslow to miss rest of season.Jul 2
GrizzliesJaren Jackson Jr.F-COut for seasonTorn left meniscusJaren Jackson Jr. to miss rest of season with torn meniscus.Aug 2
HeatChris SilvaFOut indefinitelyLeft pubic bone stress fractureSilva is injured with pelvisAug 0
TimberwolvesKarl-Anthony Towns Jr.C-FOut indefinitelyFractured left wristKarl-Anthony Towns out at least 2 more weeks.Mar 5
PelicansDarius MillerFOut indefinitelyRuptured right AchillesMiller is injured with achillesMar 0
MagicAl-Farouq AminuFOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryAminu is injured with kneeMar 0
MagicJonathan IsaacFOut for seasonTorn left ACLJonathan Isaac to miss 2020-2021 season.Aug 1
MagicMo BambaCOut for seasonIllnessMo Bamba leaves Orlando bubble; to miss rest of season.Aug 5
76ersBen SimmonsG-FOut indefinitelyLeft knee surgeryBen Simmons to undergo knee surgery.Aug 6
Trail BlazersRodney HoodG-FOut indefinitelyTorn left AchillesRodney Hood diagnosed with torn Achilles.Dec 6
Trail BlazersDamian Lillard Sr.GOut indefinitelySprained right kneeDamian Lillard to leave Orlando bubble.Aug 4
Trail BlazersZach CollinsF-COut for seasonLeft ankle surgeryZach Collins to undergo season-ending ankle surgery.Aug 5
KingsMarvin Bagley IIIFOut for seasonSprained right footMarvin Bagley to be held out of Orlando restart.Jul 3
SpursTrey LylesFOut for seasonAppendicitisTrey Lyles to miss the Orlando restart.Jul 3
SpursLaMarcus AldridgeC-FOut for seasonRight shoulder surgeryLaMarcus Aldridge underwent season-ending shoulder surgery.Jun 1
RaptorsPatrick McCawG-FOut indefinitelySore left kneePatrick McCaw to leave Orlando bubble.Aug 5
RaptorsOshae BrissettF-GOut indefinitelyRight knee procedureBrissett is injured with kneeAug 2
JazzBojan BogdanovicFOut for seasonRight wrist surgeryBojan Bogdanovic to undergo season-ending wrist surgery.May 1
WizardsJohn Wall Jr.GOut indefinitelyRuptured left AchillesWall is injured with achillesOct 2
WizardsBradley BealGOut for seasonRight rotator cuffBradley Beal to sit out the Orlando restart.Jul 2
WizardsDavis BertansFOut for seasonPersonalDavis Bertans to sit out the Orlando restart.Jun 1