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NBA Injury Report

HawksClint CapelaCOut indefinitelyRight plantar fasciitisCapela is injured with heelMar 0
HawksSkal LabissiereF-COut indefinitelyLeft knee inflammationLabissiere is injured with kneeMar 0
HawksDeAndre' BembryG-FOutAbdominal painDeAndre Bembry ruled out for Wednesday.Mar 2
CelticsTacko FallCOut indefinitelyRight knee bone bruiseFall is injured with kneeNov 3
NetsGarrett TempleG-FProbableSprained left ankleGarrett Temple probable for Thursday.Mar 3
NetsSpencer DinwiddieGOut for seasonIllnessSpencer Dinwiddie to sit out the Orlando restart.Jul 2
NetsWilson ChandlerFOut for seasonPersonalWilson Chandler to sit out the Orlando restart.Jun 0
NetsKevin DurantFOut for seasonRight Achilles surgeryDurant: "My season is over. I don't plan on playing at all."Jun 6
NetsDeAndre Jordan Jr.COut for seasonCoronavirusDeAndre Jordan tests positive for coronavirus; to sit out Orlando restart.Jun 2
NetsMichael BeasleyFSuspendedFive-game suspensionMichael Beasley suspended 5 games.Aug 4
NetsTaurean PrinceFOut for seasonCoronavirusTaurean Prince tests positive for coronavirus; to sit out Orlando restart.Jul 2
NetsJoe HarrisG-FOutSprained left ankleJoe Harris ruled out for Thursday.Mar 3
NetsNicolas ClaxtonF-COut for seasonLeft shoulder surgeryNic Claxton underwent season-ending shoulder surgery.Jun 3
HornetsTerry RozierGOutIllnessTerry Rozier ruled out Wednesday.Mar 3
BullsZach LaVineG-FDoubtfulStrained left quadZach LaVine listed doubtful for Thursday.Mar 3
BullsKris DunnGOut for seasonSprained right MCLKris Dunn to miss rest of season.Mar 2
BullsRyan ArcidiaconoGQuestionableSore right AchillesRyan Arcidiacono listed questionable for Thursday.Mar 3
BullsLuke KornetF-COut indefinitelySprained left ankle, fractured left footLuke Kornet to miss 6-8 weeks.Feb 4
BullsChandler HutchisonF-GOut for seasonRight shoulder surgeryChandler Hutchison to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery.Mar 3
BullsMax StrusG-FOut for seasonTorn left ACL, bone bruiseStrus is out for season with kneeDec 2
CavaliersTristan ThompsonC-FQuestionableRight corneal abrasionThompson is questionable with eyeMar 3
CavaliersDante ExumGOut indefinitelySprained left ankleDante Exum to miss extended period of time.Feb 3
CavaliersDylan WindlerG-FOut for seasonLeft tibial stress reactionDylan Windler to miss rest of season.Jan 1
CavaliersDarius GarlandGQuestionableStrained left groinGarland is questionable with groinMar 3
CavaliersKevin Porter Jr.G-FOut indefinitelyConcussionKevin Porter Jr. out indefinitely.Mar 4
MavericksCourtney LeeGOut indefinitelyCalf surgeryCourtney Lee underwent calf surgery.Jun 1
MavericksKristaps PorzingisF-COutLeft knee injury recoveryKristaps Porzingis listed out Wednesday.Mar 3
MavericksDwight PowellF-COut for seasonRuptured right Achilles tendonDwight Powell underwent season-ending Achilles surgery.Jan 2
MavericksWillie Cauley-Stein Jr.COut for seasonPersonalWillie Cauley-Stein to sit out the Orlando restart.Jun 4
MavericksSeth CurryGOutSprained left ankleSeth Curry listed out Wednesday.Mar 3
MavericksDorian Finney-SmithFOutRight hipDorian Finney-Smith ruled out Wednesday.Mar 3
MavericksJalen BrunsonGOut for seasonRight shoulder surgeryJalen Brunson undergoes shoulder surgery.Mar 5
NuggetsNikola JokicCQuestionableCoronavirusNikola Jokic tested postive for coronavirus last week.Jun 2
PistonsDerrick RoseGOut indefinitelySprained right ankleRose is injured with ankleMar 0
PistonsJohn HensonF-COut indefinitelySprained left ankleJohn Henson to miss about a week.Mar 2
PistonsBlake GriffinFOut indefinitelyLeft knee surgeryBlake Griffin underwent knee surgery.Jan 2
PistonsLuke KennardGOut indefinitelyBilateral knee tendinitisKennard is injured with kneeMar 0
PistonsBruce Brown Jr.G-FOutSprained right ankleBruce Brown ruled out Wednesday.Mar 3
WarriorsKlay ThompsonGOut for seasonTorn left ACLThompson is out for season with kneeFeb 5
WarriorsDraymond Green Sr.FOutSore left kneeDraymond Green listed out for Thursday.Mar 3
WarriorsKevon LooneyF-COut indefinitelyCore muscle surgeryKevon Looney underwent core muscle surgery.May 3
WarriorsAlen SmailagicFOutRight quad contusionSmailagic is out with quadMar 2
WarriorsJuan Toscano-AndersonFOutSprained left ankleJuan Toscano-Anderson ruled out for Thursday.Mar 3
RocketsThabo SefoloshaF-GOut for seasonPersonalThabo Sefolosha to sit out the Orlando restart.Jul 3
PacersJeremy LambG-FOut for seasonTorn left ACL, torn meniscus, fractured lateral femoral condylarLamb is out for season with kneeMar 0
PacersVictor OladipoGOut for seasonPersonalVictor Oladipo to sit out the Orlando restart.Jul 5
PacersDoug McDermottFQuestionableSore right big toeMcDermott is questionable with toeMar 3
PacersMalcolm BrogdonGQuestionableCoronavirusMalcolm Brogdon tests positive for coronavirus.Jun 3
ClippersLou WilliamsGQuestionableSore right calfWilliams is questionable with calfMar 3
ClippersLandry ShametGQuestionableCoronavirusLandry Shamet tests positive for coronavirus.Jul 6
ClippersTerance MannG-FOut indefinitelyRight hand surgeryMann is injured with handMar 4
LakersAvery Bradley Jr.GOut for seasonPersonalAvery Bradley to sit out the Orlando restart.Jun 3
LakersAnthony Davis Jr.F-CProbableSore left elbowAnthony Davis listed probable for Thursday.Mar 3
LakersAlex CarusoGProbableLeft hand contusionAlex Caruso listed probable for Thursday.Mar 3
GrizzliesJustise WinslowF-GProbableSore backWinslow is probable with backJul 3
GrizzliesDillon BrooksG-FQuestionableSore left groinDillon Brooks questionable for Thursday.Mar 4
GrizzliesGrayson AllenGQuestionableSore left hipAllen is questionable with hipJul 3
GrizzliesJontay PorterC-FOut indefinitelyTorn right ACLPorter is injured with kneeMar 0
HeatJimmy Butler IIIFOutLeft big toeJimmy Butler ruled out Wednesday.Mar 3
HeatDerrick Jones Jr.F-GQuestionableCoronavirusDerrick Jones Jr. tests positive for coronavirus.Jun 4
BucksGiannis AntetokounmpoFQuestionableSprained left kneeGiannis Antetokounmpo listed questionable for Thursday.Mar 3
TimberwolvesKarl-Anthony Towns Jr.C-FOut indefinitelyFractured left wristKarl-Anthony Towns out at least 2 more weeks.Mar 5
TimberwolvesKelan MartinFQuestionableSprained left ankleMartin is questionable with ankleMar 3
PelicansJJ RedickGQuestionableStrained left hamstringRedick is questionable with hamstringJul 4
PelicansDarius MillerFOut indefinitelyRuptured right AchillesMiller is injured with achillesMar 0
PelicansNickeil Alexander-WalkerGQuestionableFractured right wristAlexander-Walker is questionable with wristJul 4
ThunderAndre RobersonG-FOut indefinitelyLeft knee rehabRoberson is injured with kneeDec 3
ThunderDarius BazleyF-GOut indefinitelyRight knee bone bruiseDarius Bazley to miss at least 4-6 weeks.Feb 1
MagicEvan FournierG-FOut indefinitelySprained right UCLEvan Fournier could miss extended period of time.Mar 5
MagicAl-Farouq AminuFOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryAminu is injured with kneeMar 0
MagicJonathan IsaacFOut indefinitelyLeft medial bone contusion, posterior lateral cornerJonathan Isaac expected to miss 2 months.Jan 4
76ersZhaire SmithGOut for seasonLeft knee bone bruiseZhaire Smith diagnosed with knee bone bruise; to sit out the Orlando restart.Jun 2
76ersRyan BroekhoffG-FQuestionablePersonalRyan Broekhoff uncertain for the Orlando restart.Jul 6
SunsKelly Oubre Jr.F-GOut indefinitelyTorn right meniscusKelly Oubre expected to miss rest of season.Jun 3
SunsFrank Kaminsky IIIF-COut indefinitelyRight patella stress fractureKaminsky is injured with kneeMar 0
SunsDeandre AytonC-FQuestionableSprained left ankleAyton is questionable with ankleMar 3
Trail BlazersRodney HoodG-FOut indefinitelyTorn left AchillesRodney Hood diagnosed with torn Achilles.Dec 6
Trail BlazersTrevor ArizaFOut for seasonPersonalTrevor Ariza to sit out the Orlando restart.Jun 1
Trail BlazersCaleb SwaniganFOut for seasonPersonalCaleb Swanigan to sit out the Orlando restart.Jul 3
KingsJabari ParkerFQuestionableCoronavirusJabari Parker tests positive for coronavirus.Jun 3
KingsAlex LenCQuestionableCoronavirusAlex Len tests positive for coronavirus.Jun 4
KingsBuddy HieldGQuestionableCoronavirusBuddy Hield tests positive for coronavirus.Jun 4
SpursLaMarcus AldridgeC-FOut for seasonRight shoulder surgeryLaMarcus Aldridge underwent season-ending shoulder surgery.Jun 1
SpursDejounte MurrayGOut indefinitelyStrained right calfDejounte Murray without timetable for return.Mar 2
SpursLonnie Walker IVG-FQuestionableLeft shin contusionWalker is questionable with shinMar 3
RaptorsMarc GasolCQuestionableTight left hamstring injury managementGasol is questionable with hamstringMar 2
JazzBojan BogdanovicFOut for seasonRight wrist surgeryBojan Bogdanovic to undergo season-ending wrist surgery.May 1
JazzEmmanuel MudiayGOutIllnessMudiay is out with illnessMar 3
WizardsJohn Wall Jr.GOut indefinitelyRuptured left AchillesWall is injured with achillesOct 2
WizardsBradley BealGOut for seasonRight rotator cuffBradley Beal to sit out the Orlando restart.Jul 2
WizardsIsh SmithGOut indefinitelyTight left hamstringIsh Smith to miss at least a week.Mar 5
WizardsDavis BertansFOut for seasonPersonalDavis Bertans to sit out the Orlando restart.Jun 1
WizardsGary Payton IIGQuestionableCoronavirusGary Payton II tests positive for coronavirus.Jul 5
WizardsThomas BryantC-FQuestionableCoronavirusThomas Bryant tests positive for coronavirus.Jul 5
WizardsIsaac BongaFQuestionableGroin contusionBonga is questionable with groinMar 3
WizardsGarrison MathewsGQuestionablePersonalGarrison Mathews uncertain for the Orlando restart.Jul 4