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NBA Injury Report

HawksCam ReddishF-GOut indefinitelyRight Achilles procedureCam Reddish undergoes Achilles procedure; out at least 1 week.Mar 9
HawksDe'Andre HunterF-GOutRight knee procedureDe'Andre Hunter to undergo knee procedure.Apr 5
CelticsTristan ThompsonC-FOutStrained left pectoralTristan Thompson ruled out Wednesday.May 5
CelticsJaylen BrownG-FDoubtfulSprained right ankleJaylen Brown not expected to play Friday.May 6
CelticsRomeo LangfordG-FOut indefinitelyConcussionRomeo Langford placed in concussion protocol.May 5
NetsSpencer DinwiddieGOut indefinitelyTorn right ACLSpencer Dinwiddie diagnosed with partially torn ACL.Feb 24
NetsJames HardenGOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringJames Harden suffers setback, out indefinitely.Apr 20
NetsChris ChiozzaGOut indefinitelyRight hand surgeryChris Chiozza underwent surgery for fractured hand.Apr 14
HornetsGordon HaywardFOut indefinitelySprained right footGordon Hayward to miss at least 4 weeks.Apr 3
HornetsMiles BridgesFOutHealth and safety protocolsMiles Bridges expected to miss 10-14 days.May 4
HornetsDevonte' GrahamGDoubtfulRight knee discomfortDevonte' Graham doubtful for Thursday.May 5
HornetsCody MartinFOutSprained left ankleCody Martin ruled out for Thursday.May 5
BullsNikola VucevicCProbableTight right adductorNikola Vucevic listed probable for Thursday.May 6
BullsZach LaVineG-FProbableHealth and safety protocolsZach LaVine plans to play Thursday.May 6
BullsTroy Brown Jr.G-FOutSprained left ankleBrown Jr. is out with ankleMay 1
CavaliersMatthew DellavedovaGOut indefinitelyStrained neckDellavedova is injured with neckMay 1
CavaliersLarry Nance Jr.F-COut indefinitelyFractured right thumbLarry Nance Jr. diagnosed with fractured thumb.Apr 26
CavaliersTaurean PrinceFOut indefinitelyAnkle surgeryTaurean Prince expected to undergo season-ending ankle surgery.Apr 22
CavaliersDylan WindlerG-FOut for seasonLeft knee surgeryWindler is out for season with kneeApr 21
CavaliersDarius GarlandGOutSprained left ankleDarius Garland listed out Wednesday.May 5
CavaliersLamar StevensFDoubtfulConcussionStevens is doubtful with concussionMay 1
MavericksKristaps PorzingisF-COutSore right kneeKristaps Porzingis listed out for Thursday.May 5
MavericksMaxi KleberFOutSore right AchillesMaxi Kleber listed out for Thursday.May 5
MavericksTyrell TerryGOutPersonalTerry is out with personalMar 29
NuggetsWill BartonGOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringMalone: Will Barton expected to be out for "foreseeable future."Apr 26
NuggetsJamal MurrayGOut indefinitelyTorn left ACLJamal Murray diagnosed with torn ACL.Apr 13
NuggetsPJ DozierG-FOut indefinitelyStrained right adductorPJ Dozier without timetable for return.May 5
NuggetsMonte MorrisGOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringMonte Morris without timetable for return.Apr 19
NuggetsZeke NnajiF-COutSprained left ankleNnaji is out with ankleMay 6
PistonsJerami GrantFOutSore right kneeJerami Grant plans to play Saturday.May 5
PistonsWayne EllingtonGQuestionableBilateral calf strainUpdate: Wayne Ellington listed questionable for Thursday.May 6
PistonsCory JosephGOutSore left ankleCory Joseph listed out for Thursday.May 5
PistonsMason PlumleeF-COutRestMason Plumlee listed out for Thursday.May 5
PistonsRodney McGruderGOutSprained right elbowMcGruder is out with elbowApr 22
PistonsJosh JacksonG-FOutRight tooth oral surgeryJosh Jackson listed out for Thursday.May 5
PistonsDennis Smith Jr.GOut indefinitelySore left kneeDennis Smith Jr. without timetable for return.Apr 28
PistonsHamidou DialloGOutPersonalHamidou Diallo (personal) listed out for Thursday.May 5
WarriorsKelly Oubre Jr.F-GOut indefinitelyTorn left wrist ligament, fractured palmOubre is injured with wristMay 3
WarriorsKlay ThompsonGOut indefinitelyTorn right AchillesKlay Thompson diagnosed with torn Achilles.Feb 24
WarriorsDamion LeeG-FOutHealth and safety protocolsDamion Lee expected to miss 10-14 days.Apr 22
WarriorsEric PaschallFDoubtfulStrained left hip flexorPaschall is doubtful with hipMay 6
WarriorsJames WisemanCOut indefinitelyTorn right meniscusJames Wiseman to undergo knee surgery.Apr 14
RocketsJohn WallGOut for seasonStrained hamstringJohn Wall to miss rest of season.Apr 26
RocketsChristian WoodFOutSore right ankleChristian Wood ruled out Wednesday.May 5
RocketsDante ExumGOut indefinitelyStrained right calfDante Exum expected to miss 1-2 months.Jan 5
RocketsEric GordonGOut indefinitelyStrained right groinEric Gordon expected to miss 4-6 weeks.Mar 12
RocketsDanuel House Jr.F-GOutSore right ankleDanuel House ruled out Wednesday.May 5
RocketsDavid NwabaG-FOut indefinitelyRight wrist surgeryDavid Nwaba to undergo wrist surgery.Mar 20
RocketsD.J. WilsonFOutHealth and safety protocolsDJ Wilson ruled out for Wednesday.May 4
RocketsSterling BrownG-FOut indefinitelySore left kneeSterling Brown out at least 2 more games.Apr 14
RocketsKevin Porter Jr.G-FQuestionableSprained left anklePorter Jr. is questionable with ankleMay 6
RocketsJae'Sean TateFOutHealth and safety protocolsJae'Sean Tate listed out Wednesday.May 5
PacersJeremy LambG-FQuestionableSore left kneeLamb is questionable with kneeMay 6
PacersMyles TurnerC-FOut indefinitelyRight great toe torn plantar plateMyles Turner (toe) out indefinitely.Apr 19
PacersJaKarr SampsonFOut indefinitelyConcussionJaKarr Sampson placed in concussion protocol.Apr 30
PacersT.J. WarrenFOut for seasonLeft foot surgeryTJ Warren underwent foot surgery; to miss rest of season.Mar 25
PacersMalcolm BrogdonGQuestionableSore right hamstringBrogdon is questionable with hamstringMay 6
PacersEdmond SumnerGQuestionableLeft knee contusionSumner is questionable with kneeMay 6
ClippersSerge IbakaFOut indefinitelyTight lower backIbaka is injured with backApr 12
ClippersYogi FerrellGQuestionableQuadFerrell is questionable with quadApr 24
ClippersAmir CoffeyG-FOutHealth and safety protocolsAmir Coffey listed out for Saturday.May 1
ClippersJay ScrubbGOut indefinitelyRight foot surgeryScrubb is injured with footDec 13
LakersJared DudleyFOut indefinitelyTorn right MCLJared Dudley diagnosed with torn MCL.Mar 15
LakersDennis SchroderGOutHealth and safety protocolsDennis Schroder expected to miss 10-14 days.May 3
LakersLeBron JamesFDoubtfulRight ankleLeBron James expected to miss at least 2 games.May 4
LakersKentavious Caldwell-PopeGProbableSprained right ankleKentavious Caldwell-Pope listed probable for Thursday.May 5
LakersMarc GasolCProbableFractured left pinkie fingerGasol is probable with fingerMay 5
LakersAnthony DavisF-CProbableStrained right calfAnthony Davis listed probable for Thursday.May 6
LakersKyle KuzmaFProbableSprained left thumbKyle Kuzma listed probable for Thursday.May 6
LakersTalen Horton-TuckerGQuestionableStrained right calfTalen Horton-Tucker listed questionable for Thursday.May 5
GrizzliesGrayson AllenGQuestionableStrained abdominalAllen is questionable with abdominalMay 6
HeatVictor OladipoGOut indefinitelySore right kneeVictor Oladipo to miss at least 4 games.Apr 11
HeatJimmy ButlerFOutIllnessJimmy Butler ruled out Tuesday.May 4
HeatTyler HerroGOut indefinitelySore right footTyler Herro out at least 2 more games.Apr 30
BucksKhris MiddletonFOutSore right kneeKhris Middleton ruled out Wednesday.May 5
BucksP.J. TuckerFQuestionableSore jawTucker is questionable with jawMay 6
BucksAxel ToupaneG-FOutStrained right obliqueToupane is out with obliqueApr 27
TimberwolvesMalik BeasleyGOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringMalik Beasley to be sidelined 4-6 weeks.Apr 5
TimberwolvesJarrett CulverG-FOut for seasonRight ankle surgeryJarrett Culver to undergo season-ending ankle surgery.Apr 29
PelicansSteven AdamsCQuestionableSprained right first MTPAdams is questionable with toeMay 5
PelicansBrandon IngramFOutSprained left ankleBrandon Ingram ruled out for Friday.May 5
PelicansJosh HartGOut indefinitelyRight thumb surgeryJosh Hart underwent thumb surgery; out at least 3 weeks.Apr 6
PelicansNickeil Alexander-WalkerGOut indefinitelySprained left ankleNickeil Alexander-Walker to miss at least 2 weeks.Apr 6
KnicksMitchell RobinsonC-FOut indefinitelyRight foot surgeryMitchell Robinson underwent successful foot surgery.Mar 29
ThunderMike MuscalaF-COutSprained right ankleMuscala is out with ankleApr 27
ThunderAl HorfordC-FOutInactiveAl Horford to no longer be active with Thunder this season. Mar 27
ThunderShai Gilgeous-AlexanderG-FOutRight foot plantar fasciitisDaigneault: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander could miss "significant amount of time."Mar 24
ThunderLuguentz DortGQuestionableStrained right hipLu Dort listed questionable for Thursday.May 6
ThunderAleksej PokusevskiCOutLeft knee contusionAleksej Pokusevski listed out for Thursday.May 6
MagicOtto Porter Jr.FOut indefinitelyLeft foot painOtto Porter without timetable for return.May 5
MagicTerrence RossG-FOut indefinitelyBack spasmsTerrence Ross without timetable for return.May 5
MagicMichael Carter-WilliamsGOut indefinitelySprained left ankleMichael Carter-Williams expected to miss multiple games.Apr 16
MagicJames Ennis IIIFOut indefinitelySore right calfJames Ennis without timetable for return.May 5
MagicMarkelle FultzGOut for seasonTorn left ACLMarkelle Fultz to miss rest of season with torn ACL.Feb 24
MagicJonathan IsaacFOut for seasonTorn left ACLIsaac is out for season with kneeFeb 24
MagicWendell Carter Jr.C-FOutLeft eye abrasionWendell Carter Jr. ruled out for Friday.May 6
MagicChuma OkekeFOut indefinitelySprained left ankleChuma Okeke expected to miss some time.Apr 30
76ersFurkan KorkmazG-FOutSprained right ankleFurkan Korkmaz listed out for Wednesday.May 5
SunsJae CrowderFOutSprained right ankleJae Crowder ruled out Wednesday.May 5
SunsAbdel NaderFOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryAbdel Nader underwent knee surgery.Apr 26
Trail BlazersNorman PowellGOutRight knee tendinopathyNorman Powell ruled out Wednesday.May 5
Trail BlazersZach CollinsF-COut indefinitelyLeft ankle surgeryZach Collins underwent ankle surgery; remains out indefinitely.Dec 30
KingsHarrison BarnesFOutTight left adductorHarrison Barnes ruled out Wednesday.May 5
KingsDe'Aaron FoxGOutHealth and safety protocolsDe'Aaron Fox expected to miss at least 10-14 days.Apr 24
KingsChimezie MetuF-COutSore low backChimezie Metu ruled out Wednesday.May 5
KingsTyrese HaliburtonGOut indefinitelyHyperextended left kneeTyrese Haliburton likely to miss rest of season.May 5
KingsRobert Woodard IIFOutSore low backWoodard is out with backApr 21
SpursTrey LylesFOutSprained right ankleLyles is out with ankleApr 22
SpursDerrick WhiteGOut indefinitelySprained right ankleDerrick White expected to miss rest of season.Apr 28
RaptorsOG AnunobyFDoubtfulStrained left calf injury recoveryUpdate: OG Anunoby listed doubtful for Thursday.May 6
RaptorsChris BoucherF-COut indefinitelySprained left MCLChris Boucher diagnosed with sprained MCL; without timetable for return.Apr 23
RaptorsGary Trent Jr.G-FProbableLower left leg contusionGary Trent Jr. probable for Thursday.May 5
RaptorsYuta WatanabeG-FQuestionableSore right ankleYuta Watanabe now questionable Thursday.May 6
RaptorsPaul WatsonGOut indefinitelyLeft knee tendonitisPaul Watson (knee) out at least 4 more games.Apr 28
JazzMike ConleyGOutTight right hamstringMike Conley ruled out for Wednesday.May 5
JazzDonovan MitchellGOut indefinitelySprained right ankleDonovan Mitchell expected to miss several games.Apr 17
JazzUdoka AzubuikeC-FOut indefinitelySprained right ankleAzubuike is injured with ankleFeb 12
WizardsThomas BryantC-FOut for seasonTorn left ACLThomas Bryant diagnosed with torn ACL.Jan 10
WizardsChandler HutchisonF-GQuestionableLeft knee contusionHutchison is questionable with kneeMay 6
WizardsRui HachimuraFDoubtfulIllnessHachimura is doubtful with illnessMay 6
WizardsDeni AvdijaFOut for seasonFractured right ankleDeni Avdija to miss rest of season with fractured ankle.Apr 22