2010 MLB Betting Systems Preview

This weekend, the Yankees and Red Sox renew their rivalry in Fenway Park, marking the official start to the 2010 Major League Baseball Season. With the season almost in full-swing, it’s time to look back at profitable MLB betting systems from previous years so you’re fully prepared for Opening Day.

Steam Moves

Steam Moves triggered at Pinnacle have ranked #1 in each of the past three seasons, in terms of units won. The following table shows three of our most profitable sportsbooks for MLB Steam Moves from 2007-09.

Sportsbook 2009 2008 2007
Pinnacle +45.58 units +23.45 units +16.07 units
5Dimes +15.0 units +14.8 units +16.07 units
ABC +2.64 units +1.22 units +11.23 units

Smart Money

Like Pinnacle MLB Steam Moves, Smart Money Plays triggered at CRIS have finished each of the past three seasons with the more units won than any other sportsbook. The following table shows three of our most profitable sportsbooks for MLB Smart Money Plays from 2007-09.

Sportsbook 2009 2008 2007
CRIS +21.21 units +54.33 units +30.73 units
BetUS +8.02 units +16.15 units +2.24 units
WSEX +3.81 units +2.69 units +7.72 units

Square Plays

SportsInsights’ “Betting Against the Public” strategy has proven to be very profitable for baseball bettors over the past three seasons. The table below shows the performance of MLB Square Plays from 2007-09:

Year Record
2009 +38.98 units
2008 +39.69 units
2007 +14.67 units

MLB Sports Marketwatch

Last year was our first full season providing the MLB Edition of Sports Marketwatch, producing a record of 50-48 (+21.13 units). MLB Marketwatch is released on Tuesday and can be accessed via SportsInsights’ homepage or through email.

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For those of you interested in doing independent research, make sure to check out our MLB Historical Betting Odds Database that includes opening/closing odds, final scores and our proprietary betting trends data for the 2004-09 seasons.