Who’s Everyone Betting On?

For the first time, see which side the public is betting on the Super Bowl.

January 6, 2001 -BOSTON, MA – Ever wondered which way the public is betting on the Super Bowl or any other major sporting event?

In the high-risk, high-reward world of sports wagering, information is king. SportsInsghts.com is fast becoming “TheStreet.com” of the exploding world of online sports betting. Would you ever make an online trade without knowing the current trading price of the stock? Or even worse, make that same trade without researching the company?

SportsInsights is the first purely stats based sports site that is dedicated to educating and informing sports bettors. The heart of the site lies in the “money page” page. In addition to providing standard features such as opening lines, current lines, team match ups, weather and injury reports; Sports Insights is able to shows the public, through an exclusive agreement with Oasis Casino, how an individual game is being bet.

For the first time, the public is granted access into the closed world of the sportsbooks. Bettors see exactly what the sportsbooks see…line movements, betting trends, and of coarse which side the public is loading up on. “…What really sets Sports Insights.com apart from the rest of the crowd is the exclusive agreement they have with online books which allow you, the player, to see the actual percentages bet on each game. Sharp players can tell you how valuable that information can be, but that’s not all. Sports Insights line tracking allows you to pinpoint large money drops on certain games. Powerful stuff.” states Brian Gabrielle of About.com’s Sports Gambling Guide in recent review of SportsInsights.

“Sports bettors were begging for a comprehensive sporting site. A site that was geared toward people that wager on sporting events,” says Pete Carini of SportsInsights. “In the world of sports betting everyone is looking for an edge. From day one, we’ve designed and developed the site with this in mind.”

Since its creation in 1997, SportsInsights has been at the forefront of the sports betting world. The site consistently pushes the envelope of the developing sports betting world.

“What we deliver is the most comprehensive betting information found nowhere in the world. ” says Pete Carini

Today SportsInsights is once again breaking new ground in the sports betting world. Now all betting stats come directly from the database of one of the world largest sportsbook, Oasis Casino & Sportsbook. Not only are the betting stats coming directly from Oasis’s database but betting stats are continually updated every 15 minutes.

About SportsInsights.com
Launched in 1997, SportsInsights.com is the only sports gaming site designed to transform visitors into the most informed and knowledgeable sports fan on the Internet. Partnered with Oasis Casino & Sportsbook, the world’s largest sportsbook, SportsInsights.com offers visitors access to real-time game listings, commentaries, audio streaming updates, sports newswires, trivia weather updates and other pertinent game information. Coupled with editorials and sports news features developed by the industry’s leading voices in Internet sports and wagering, its dynamic content confirms SportsInsights as a one-of-a kind site for true sports betting enthusiasts. For more information, visit www.SportsInsights.com, or  Contact Us.