Square Play Value

What makes this feature unique is that the staff at SportsInsights.com has access to sensitive betting data not available to members. We know the exact dollar amounts being wagered on every game. Unfortunately, our contributing sportsbooks do not permit us to display this sensitive information to the public. But they will allow us to post the 3 most unevenly bet games in terms of the amount of money wagered.

Knowing the exact dollar amounts allows us to more accurately pinpoint the day’s betting trends. The most lopsided games in terms of money are not always the most lopsided games in terms of the percentages of bets.

The Square Info feature is one of the driving forces behind the creation and growth of SportsInsights.com. Working as oddsmakers at multiple sportsbooks, the staff that started SportsInsights.com began noticing & tracking the “Square Play”. Every day there would be multiple games on the board that appeared to have “soft” lines.  The public would bet these games like they knew the score, and more often than not, the public was wrong. These plays were tagged as “Square Plays” and displayed to the Premium Pro Members of Sports Insights.  Since 2002 the Square Info page has produced a win percentage of 55%-57%.

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