SportsInsights Email and Text Alerts

As a member, you will have the benefit of having our proprietary betting system plays and breaking injury alerts sent directly to your inbox or your mobile device – never miss a play! Our user-friendly system guarantees that you won’t miss any plays or injuries that you want to receive, no matter where you are. Whether it’s our betting system plays, our injury alerts, or other exclusive content, we want you to be have access to exactly what you want, when and wherever you want it.

Emails Your Wallet Will Appreciate

Once you become a member, you will have the option of receiving email or text message alerts for our betting system plays and our injury and weather alerts. These alerts are fully customizable:

Choose any or all of our betting system plays as alerts.
Choose to be alerted of all triggered plays, or only plays with a positive “units won” record.
Choose whether or not to receive injury or weather alerts.
Choose which sports you want alerts for and which to ignore.
Choose whether you would like to receive alerts as emails or text message to your mobile device.

Our alerts are delivered as brief emails, designed to get you the information you desire without other “noise”. Take a look at some examples:

In addition to receiving our betting system plays and injury alerts in your email, you can choose to receive various other exclusive content provided by SportsInsights, all free of charge – check it out!

Our Promise to You

One of our main goals at is to provide you with the information you desire without spamming you with anything you aren’t interested in. We respect our members’ privacy and do not share our members’ email addresses with any third-party organizations. We limit our own customer contact by offering our members the ability to subscribe to content that interests them rather than mass-emailing our entire customer base. Additionally, unsubscribing is quick and simple as the option is included at the bottom of all our emails, just in case you change your mind.