Atlanta, GA – Friday, January 25, 2008 –, the leading online sports betting information service, offers users unique betting trends and statistical data on Super Bowl XLII.    With live online betting tools, football fans gain valuable insights from monitoring betting activity at multiple online sportsbooks.

Daniel Fabrizio, founder of states, “The flood gate has been opened and the public is pounding the New York Giants. The sports books we track are reporting over 65 percent of the bets placed are coming in on the Giants, but value-minded sports bettors should consider the New England Patriots -12.  The most accurate gauge of public opinion in any sporting event is the sports betting market.  The Super Bowl presents a great opportunity for value-minded sports investors.  Odds makers rely heavily on number crunching and power ratings when setting a line, but they also weigh in public opinion.  As public interest increases, it becomes a factor in setting the line. The culmination of this trend is the Super Bowl, which is the most wagered sporting event of the year. A sports book’s handle will quadruple on Super Sunday, primarily fueled by first time bettors. For value-minded sports investors, this massive influx of ‘public’ or ‘dumb’ money represents opportunity.   Sports Insights believes the sports books have shaded the line 2 points towards the New York Giants.  The public money will continue to push this line another half to full point before kick-off.  All our value indicators are pointing towards New England.”

Daniel is a respected industry leader in sports gaming. was birthed from his desire to provide sports fans a resource to betting information that is unfiltered, independent and accurate. He has earned the respect of leading online sports books and sports fans in his efforts to break down the barriers to winning in the sports betting marketplace. As a result, has become one of the top websites for accurate, real-time sports betting information.

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Founded in 1999, is a statistical content site that tracks betting activity at major sportsbooks.’s unique content and live betting statistics have propelled it to the forefront of the competitive world of sports information. uses pioneering betting charts to track the percentage of bets and money placed on every major sporting event. is not a sportsbook or a betting/trading exchange site, but has agreements with multiple online sports books to monitor betting activity. All information comes directly from online sportsbooks and represents actual bets placed at the contributing sportsbooks. For more information, visit

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