Offers Sports Information Challenge Against Any Odds Provider



Atlanta, GA – Friday, January 11, 2008 –, the leading online sports betting information service, offers the industry’s fastest odds and scoring updates for a fraction of the cost of other odds providers. As a result, Sports Insights challenges any odds provider to an “Update Off.” This limited-time offer allows users to preview a free week of Premium Pro service to test their current odds provider against

Daniel Fabrizio, founder of states, “We’re proud to be one the leader in sports information and willing to prove. Our updates will tie or beat any betting odds service. We provide betting percentages directly from the line boards of multiple online sports books. We provide the most advanced sports betting systems to help users take full advantage of wagering opportunities in the sports betting marketplace. Users have instant real-time access to odds, unique betting statistics from sportsbooks, and winning betting strategy picks.”

For more information about Sports Insights or the Sports Information Challenge, please visit for details or to sign up for an account.

About Sports Insights

Founded in 1999, is a statistical content site that tracks betting activity at major sportsbooks.’s unique content and live betting statistics have propelled it to the forefront of the competitive world of sports information. uses pioneering betting charts to track the percentage of bets and money placed on every major sporting event. is not a sportsbook or a betting/trading exchange site, but has agreements with multiple online sports books to monitor betting activity. All information comes directly from online sportsbooks and represents actual bets placed at the contributing sportsbooks. For more information, visit

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