Sharp vs. Square Sportsbooks

  • Sharp Sportsbooks:
  • We consider a sportsbook “sharp” if it:
  • – Is a market-setting sportsbook or one that originates its own lines
  • – Moves its lines quickly when the market gets “steamed” or takes a big bet
  • – Welcomes professional action

Because sharp sportsbooks accept professional action and the highest limits, they do not shade their lines off the market. In order to maximize value by shopping for the best line, we recommend sports investors have at least one account at a sharp sportsbook.

Examples of Sharp Sportsbooks:

  • – CRIS (Bookmaker)
  • – Pinnacle
  • – The Greek
  • – 5Dimes
  • – Heritage
  • – ABC (Jazz)
  • – Grande

Square Sportsbooks

We consider a sportsbook “square” if it:

  • – Waits for sharp books to open, then follows their lines
  • – Does not move lines until the sharp books move
  • – Caters to square, public bettors who like betting favorites and overs
  • – Shade their lines towards public favorites, providing extra value for those willing to Bet Against the Public

In order to shop for the best line, it’s very important to also have an account at a square sportsbook. This allows value-minded sports investors to improve their winning percentage and units won by consistently getting down at better numbers.

Examples of Square Sportsbooks:

  • – SIA
  • –
  • – Bovada