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DURHAM, NC – April 12, 2010 – Releasing its new book, “Sports Investing: Profiting from Point Spreads,” to coincide with the start of the baseball season helped SportsInsights achieve a top sales ranking at Amazon on April 11, 2010.  Author Dan Fabrizio, says the book, “hit # 1 in its category ‘Sports < Gambling,’ and uses an academic and statistical approach to finding value in the sports marketplace.”

Public sentiment and betting activity cause the sports marketplace to act irrationally.  The massive flow of public wagers forces betting lines to fluctuate like an inefficient market.  The book studies point spreads, betting line movement, public betting percentages, money management, statistics, and more.  In particular, the book develops contrarian investing ideas such as “Betting Against the Public” and “Smart Money” to the sports marketplace.

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Major League Baseball Research

In conjunction with the release of the new book, SportsInsights is pleased to publish an update to its annual MLB “betting against the public” research article.  SportsInsights collects sports marketplace data from online sportsbooks and compiles proprietary statistics such as “public betting percentages” to analyze public opinion.

SportsInsights’ research has shown that a contrarian and statistical approach to the sports marketplace can yield profitable results from the sports betting industry.  Baseball has been one of the more consistent sports, yielding profitable results in five of the past six seasons.  Highlights of the 2010 Baseball Research:

  • When 75% of the public likes a Visiting team, the Home team has yielded + 50 units over the past several years.
  • When 80% of the public likes a Home team, the Visiting team has yielded + 17 units over the past several years.

More detailed information on the updated baseball research – as well as the new book on “Sports Investing” – can be found here:


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