Sports Insights Partners with Second Sportsbook to Offer Live Betting Statistics

July 17th 2001-CURACAO, NV – Sports Insights, the leading provider of sports betting stats, has partnered with a second online sportsbook, GameDay Casino & Sportsbook, to provide the public with live betting stats on individual sporting events. This partnership allows Sports Insights to use GameDay’s raw betting statistics in compiling betting percentages on events. The addition of GameDay’s betting information effectively doubles Sports Insights’ polling data and further solidifies Sports Insights’ place as the leading provider of sports betting info.

Gameday Casino & Sportsbook joins Oasis Casino & Sportsbook, both independently owned and operated companies, as the two contributing sportsbooks to Sports Insights unique betting analysis. Sports Insights takes betting statistics from both sportsbooks and shows, in easy to understand pie charts, which side of a sporting event the public is favoring and where the “smart” money is going.

About Sports Insights
Sports Insights is the leading provider of real-time sports betting statistics. Founded in 1997, the site’s unique content, live betting statistics coming directly from sportsbooks, propelled it to the forefront of the exploding world of sports information. Yahoo! ranks sports Insights as one of the top ten most popular destinations for football information.

Sports Insights is creating the next generation of betting line services. Line services of today only show half the picture, betting lines. Sports Insights shows the other half, what is really happing on the sportsbook side. Gone are the days of making sports bets based on a “feeling”. In the high risk, high return, world of sports wagering, accurate, timely information is king. Sports Insights’ unique statistical information provides its viewers with the tools necessary to make informed wagering decisions. For more information, visit, or Contact Us.