NFL Marketwatch Week 16 2010-11

12/25/2010 11:01 AM EST
By Daniel Fabrizio

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NFL Marketwatch – NFL Week 16

Recapping Last Week

Overall Regular Season (13-11-1 = 54.2%) 

After several weeks of decent performance, the Public had another down week, going 3-5 in “lopsided-bet games,” which are defined as games having 65% or more bets on one team.  Last Sunday actually started well for the public, but then Dallas, Tampa Bay, New Orleans and New England all failed to cover.  As usual, some of the big names were overvalued.  The Public’s 3-5 week brings the Public’s record to 52-57 = 47.7% in lopsided-bet games this season.  This lopsided-bet “trend” has historically been an edge for contrarian sports investors.

SportsInsights’ contrarian methods had another good week, with NFL Squares, Best Bets, and Marketwatch going 6-4 in total.  SportsInsights’ Betting Against the Publicmethods in the NFL, including Square PlaysBest Bets, and MarketWatch are having a solid season, with Square Plays and NFL MarketWatch producing a combined winning percentage of about 55%.  Check out the Blog for timely betting trends reports, plus original analysis on featured games and strategies.

SportsInsights stresses that sports investors should research profitable methods and then stick with their approach.  After both hot or cold streaks, we want to emphasize that bettors should stay the course and bet the same amounts.  View Last Week’s Column

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Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Diego Chargers

As we made our holiday greetings with sportsbook risk managers around the industry, several of our contacts had this game circled.  This game is one of the most lopsided-bet games of the week, with the red-hot Chargers garnering about 90% of the bets, including teasers and parlays.  The constant pounding of bets on the Chargers is creating a bit of line value as the opening line of Cincy +7 has started to tick up to Cincy +7.5.  Some public books even have Cincy +8.  

The San Diego Chargers have won the AFC West for several years — and capture a lot of public interest because of their high-powered offense.  We’ll “bet against the Public” and check out some other tidbits on this match-up:

  • After a slow start, the Chargers have won 6 of their last 7 games, with their last 4 victories being blowouts.
  • Their recent with margins of victories have averaged about 3-4 touchdowns!  We’ll “sell the Chargers at a recent high.”
  • San Diego is just 2-4 on the road.
  • Although Cincy is just 3-11, their net points (Points For minus Points Against) are a “not-horrible” -81.
  • The Bengals have had a tough schedule, playing the likes of the Jets, New Orleans, Indy and Pittsburgh — twice (!!) — just over the past seven weeks!  In three of these games, the Bengals stayed within a TD of these strong teams — and in the Jets game, the Bengals looked stronger for the first half of the Thanksgiving Night game.
  • We’ll “buy” the Bengals after their battle-hardened — but losing — stretch.
  • The Bengals look like a “live home dog” getting some decent points. 
  • Note that home dogs have historically been a good bet, especially late in the NFL season, as mentioned in this academic article

Remember to shop around for the best line — and try to grab at least the generally-available Bengals +7.5.  SIA currently has the game listed at +8 for added line value.

Cincinnati Bengals +8 (Bet at SIA +8)

It should be another exciting NFL Weekend. Keep your eye on the NFL Marketwatch game of the week and your browser pointed to for the latest real-time odds,betting trends, and winning betting systems picks.

I’ll be back next Friday with the new edition of the Sports Marketwatch.  Enjoy the games!

Daniel Fabrizio