NBA Marketwatch Edition 21 2009-10

NBA Edition
3/17/2010 5:00 PM EST
By The Team at

Welcome to the NBA edition of Sports Marketwatch, wherethe Team at SportsInsights gives sports fans an unprecedented glimpse into the NBApoint-spread marketplace. If you ever wanted to know what was really happeningon the sportsbook side, you now have an all-access pass with Sports Marketwatch!Initially, the NBA Edition of Sports Marketwatch will be a weekly columnpublished on Wednesdays, normally around 5PM, Eastern Time.

The staff at analyzes the marketplace, and especially thesports betting industry’s largest and most reputable sportsbooks, to identifywhich games the public is chasing and which ones the Sharps are pounding. Let’stake a look at what’s in store for tonight’s NBA games.
SportsMarketplace – NBA Edition

Marketwatchstood pat at .500 last week with a split on our two featured games. Detroitoutscored Utah in every quarter but the second, during which they got dominated35-14. The old Detroit Pistons wouldn’t even allow 21 points in some quarters,much less get outscored by that much! They eventually lost 115-104. In oursecond game, Tyreke Evans went off on Toronto with a triple double and the Kingswon the second half by 28 points. The final tally was 113-90, a huge cover in apick ’em game.

2009-10 NBA Games to Watch: 17-17,50%*

Boston Celtics -9 over New York Knicks

Hold the phone, everyone, the Knicks havewon two road games in a row. They not only won them, but did so fairlyemphatically, including one by 34 points at Dallas. Ladies and gentlemen,that is what we call an anomaly. The same team that also beat the Hawkslast week lost two days before at home to the Nets… by 20! The Celtics,on the other hand, have been talked about a lot lately. Though they areevery bit as old as the doomsayers say, they also are a talent factor of 10better than New York. Tonight, New York will be missing not only formerCeltic Eddie House, but also young forward Wilson Chandler. Perhaps moreimportantly, Boston got a day of rest yesterday.

Boston opened as 10-point favorites, andsince then, the Public bets have come down evenly. Some big money appearsto be on New York, as the line has dropped to -9 across the board. Still,the Betting System results are unimpressive. There are contradictingslightly positive Steam Moves, but we feel the line movement has createdsome value on a proud recent champion at home. Nine is available at mostbooks, but a handful have some plus-money juice.

Boston Celtics -9

Games to Watch: 17-17 = 50%
Boston -9

It should be an exciting night in the sports marketplace. Keep SportsMarketwatch picks handy and your browser pointed to SportsInsights.comfor thelatest real-time updates, using our exclusive Sports Investing tools.We’ll be back next Wednesday with the new edition of the SportsMarketwatch –NBA Edition.

Enjoy the games!

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