NBA Marketwatch Edition 16 2009-10

NBA Edition
2/10/2010 5:00 PM EST
By The Team at

Welcome to the NBA edition of Sports Marketwatch, wherethe Team at SportsInsights gives sports fans an unprecedented glimpse into the NBApoint-spread marketplace. If you ever wanted to know what was really happeningon the sportsbook side, you now have an all-access pass with Sports Marketwatch!Initially, the NBA Edition of Sports Marketwatch will be a weekly columnpublished on Wednesdays, normally around 5PM, Eastern Time.

The staff at analyzes the marketplace, and especially thesports betting industry’s largest and most reputable sportsbooks, to identifywhich games the public is chasing and which ones the Sharps are pounding. Let’stake a look at what’s in store for tonight’s NBA games.

SportsMarketplace – NBA Edition

NBA Marketwatch continues streaking toward profit, as the Philadelphia 76ersedged the Chicago Bulls by 3 points in Overtime last Wednesday, covering thespread by a point and a half.  Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala combined for51 points, 17 rebounds and 10 assists in snapping Chicago’s 5-game road winningstreak.  The Bulls also continued to lose the game after a loss, so theirstreak of streaking remains intact.

2009-10 NBA Games to Watch: 13-14,48.1%*

Atlanta Hawks -7 over Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade and the Heat stomped all over the Rockets last night, so badly thatit made it hard not to notice.  The victory came just after a string ofcomments from the South Beach Superstar, claiming that everyone appeared to knowwhat the Heat were going to do before they did it.  The Rockets may haveknown too, but with Trevor Ariza and Kyle Lowry both out due to injuries, theysimply didn’t have enough firepower to muster a fight.  The Heat won 99-66and broke a 5-game losing streak in the process.  The Hawks won their thirdin a row last night at Memphis as Jamal Crawford contributed 28 points off thebench.  They’ve moved ahead of Boston in the Eastern Conference standingsand are a stellar 21-5 at home this season.

Atlanta has been a stellar performer against the spread this season,currently tied with the Thunder for best in the NBA.  The Heat continue tohover just under the 50% ATS mark.  The line on tonight’s game openedacross the board at Atlanta -7, and there it currently sits.  Presumably onthe heels of last night’s Rocket-trouncing, the Public is backing Miami to thetune of 56% of spread bets in one of the most heavily bet games of the night.We don’t mind taking a solid home team against the Public and an overvaluedopponent.  We’ve also seen a Smart Money play triggered at Olympic (+7.18Units Won).  Play on the Hawks to cool off the… Okay, you’re right,that’s not necessary at all.

Atlanta Hawks -7


Portland Trail Blazers +9.5 over Phoenix Suns

In our second featured game tonight, we’re looking for the shorthanded TrailBlazers to keep it tight against a Suns team that has won 5 in row, including 4on the road.  Portland has lost 6 of its last 9, struggling noticeablywithout their only truly elite player, Brandon Roy.  Last night, they tooka 2-point lead into the fourth quarter against the in-form Thunder, but a JamesHarden flurry from behind the arc did them in.  Their coach, Nate McMillan,has called them out for a lack of energy recently, suggesting they might beloafing into the All-Star Break.  They’ll need a jolt to keep up withPhoenix, a fast-paced team that averages a league-best 107.46 points per game.

The Suns opened as 8-point favorites and heavy Public betting has pushed theline up to -9 and above at most offshore books.  Steve Nash & Co. aregetting 69% of spread bets, 89% of moneyline wagers and 68% of parlays andteasers.  We believe this may have inflated the line a bit against a teamthat ranks high in all defensive categories.  It appears that someone sharpmay agree, as we’ve triggered a Smart Money play on Portland, this one also fromOlympic (+7.18).  We hope The Greek has got their wits about them tonight.Go out and grab the extra half point still available at a handful of books.

Portland Trail Blazers +9.5
Games to Watch: 13-14 = 48.1%
Atlanta -7
Portland +9.5

It should be an exciting night in the sports marketplace. Keep SportsMarketwatch picks handy and your browser pointed to SportsInsights.comfor thelatest real-time updates, using our exclusive Sports Investing tools.We’ll be back next Wednesday with the new edition of the SportsMarketwatch –NBA Edition.

Enjoy the games!

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