MLB Sports Betting Articles

MLB Marketwatch

The MLB Marketwatch is a weekly column covering the baseball betting market written from Sports Insights unique perspective. We show readers how to use the betting tools, betting trends, and betting systems available at Sports Insights to pinpoint value in the MLB betting marketplace. The once-a-week article highlights our “game of the day” in which we show readers which moneylines offer the best value.


MLB Betting Against the Public Articles

Since the start of the 2004 MLB season we’ve released an MLB “Betting Against the Public” article. This article breaks down how betting against the public (fading the public) did in the previous season. We also discuss the optimal thresholds to fade the public. Check back at the beginning of every season for an updated article, or sign up to receive it by email.


MLB Betting Systems Previews

Prior to every new season, we release an article highlighting the top performing and most consistent sportsbooks for each of our Betting Systems.