Contradicting Bet Signals

There are times due to the nature of line movement when Sports Insights’ Betting Systems will trigger moves on opposite sides of the same game. In situations like these, Sports Insights recommends playing on the side with the better performing sportsbook record.

For example, in an MLB game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, there are positive Betting System plays on both sides. There is a Pinnacle Steam Move on Boston -145 while there’s a Buckeye Reverse Line Movement on New York +132.

Since the Pinnacle Steam Move (+34.71 units) has performed far better on the year than Buckeye Reverse Line Movement (+1.16 units) — formerly Smart Money Move — we would recommend following the Pinnacle Steam Move on the Red Sox.

Contradicting System Plays

There are also situations where plays on opposite sides of a game come from similarly profitable sportsbooks with similar records.  Let’s take a look at another MLB game, this time between the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles.  A Pinnacle Steam Move (+11.13 units) triggered a play on the Under 9, while an SIA Reverse Line Movement (+4.46 units) triggered a play on the Over 9.

Since there are plays on both the Over 9 and Under 9 by similarly profitable sportsbooks, we would recommend laying off this game based on these contradicting plays. However, if you still like one side over or another, or find an edge on a particular side, you don’t have to put too much emphasis on the System Plays alone.

Contradicting System Plays2

Remember, Sports Insights specializes in sports information. Our Betting Systems allow you to track line movement and decide for yourself whether you want to play on a game. For those of you who don’t want to sort through all these moves, make sure to check out our Best Bets.

These are our top-performing, hand-picked plays derived from our extensive historical data and archive, betting percentages, statistics, etc.. You can think of it as an “easy-to-use” executive summary of the day’s most profitable plays.