Behind The Betting Lines Oct 4 2003

Oct 4 2003
By Wilson King
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There are certain things in life that no respectable individual should have to endure.  This list includes unspeakable acts such as watching a cable television remake of Brian’s Song, listening to Brian Bosworth explain the intricacies of the zone blitz and relying on Rutgers to cover for the day’s first big win.  Unfortunately, I was subjected to all three today.  However, given the blasphemous nature of the first and utter ridiculousness of the second, I will spare you the details and simply explain to you the circumstances surrounding the third.

Our weekend started early this week, and due to two Top 25 letdowns, we were off to a good start.  Most folks got hurt big on Thursday when West Virginia covered at Miami.  The rest lost when Utah beat an overrated Oregon team outright on Friday night. These results, coupled with the seemingly lopsided post-season baseball matchups, caused everyone to stay away from the early college games.  Those who had the stomach for the early games looked for a laugher.  In doing so, the public did what Americans do when they need a joke, they turned to New Jersey.  In this case, the joke was Rutgers getting 28 at home against Va. Tech.  However, this time the Garden State had the last laugh as the Scarlet Knights covered and (insert “wiseguy” joke here)

Although the day’s first big decision went our way, we gave a little back as both the underdog Indiana Hoosiers and the favored Colorado Buffaloes failed to cover double-digit spreads.

Unfortunately, the entire day went on in this ebb and flow fashion.  We got a little.  They took some back.  Iowa was a big winner getting 3.  Clemson was a big loser getting 9.5.  Aubrun covered and provided a sizable win.  Iowa State got crushed and gave us a sizable loss.  The entire day was like watching an ESPN Classic replay of the Billy Jean King/Bobby Riggs match.  You knew there was going to be a socially acceptable result, but you don’t care what it is as long as the whole thing ends in time for the start of The White Shadow.

After it was all said and done, we ended up with modest winnings, but a dejected Steve Stone summed up the entire day quite nicely.  “This is like spending three days at Caesars and grinding out a $100 profit at the $5 blackjack table.  I mean, we’re up, but without the free booze it’s not worth it.”

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