Live Odds 3.0 New Features

Live Odds 3.0 – New Features

1. Display Game # – Allows users to display either the Vegas Rotation numbers, Open Rotation numbers or remove them altogether from our Live Odds pages.
2. Display Halftime Counter – A timer will countdown from 20 minutes after a game goes to halftime.
3. Display Juice – Unchecking this box will remove all -110 juice from Live Odds 3.0.
4. Display Vertical Line – Add/remove vertical lines from the Live Odds 3.0 grid.
5. Sidebar Location – Choose to move the System Results/My Game/Recent Alerts sidebar to the Left Side, Right Side or remove altogether from Live Odds 3.0.

Live Odds Betting Trends

1. Show # of Bets – Add/remove the Number of Bets feature from Live Odds 3.0.
New Live Odds 3.0 Features

1. Sort Games on Live Odds 3.0 by Spread, Moneyline or O/U Betting Percentages.
2. Previous Odds – Quickly view the most recent line update for each sportsbook on your Live Odds 3.0 page.
3. Futures – View Props, Futures and Series Odds from Pinnacle.
4. Archives – Quickly access Sports Insights’ archived information.
Football Weather Feature

1. The Weather feature now shows wind direction and speed in relation to the field for football games.

New Sportsbooks

We have recently added the following sportsbooks to our odds pages:

  • Easystreet
  • Heritage
  • SBG Global
  • Diamond (BetDSI)
  • YouWager