2010 Sports Insights Survey Results

2010 Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out and submit our recent survey. Many additions and improvements to Sports Insights come directly from our members and we encourage you to contact us anytime with any ideas and suggestions that you have to improve our service.

Slow live odds page

For optimum performance, we recommend viewing our live odds page with either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. Both browsers are free and easy to install while providing faster updates and a more efficient live odds page, ensuring you get the most up-to-date and accurate odds possible. You’ll notice faster updates, quicker response times when scrolling up and down the live odds page, plus these browsers require significantly less CPU power.

Best Bets Released Sooner

Best Bets are a summary of a specific day’s best Steam Move and Smart Money Plays. As a result, we wait until 6:30 p.m. EST on weekdays to allow for the most possible plays to be triggered. This helps us provide our members with the strongest plays while also giving us the ability to weed out games with contradicting or weak moves.

Line Move Alerts

Many members inquired about the ability to receive alerts after a line moves at a specific sportsbook. We do offer these alerts as part of our Line Watcher feature. To access this, click the “Betting Tools” button at the top the screen, then select “Line Watcher” from the drop-down menu.

Access to a Mobile Site

Sports Insights now has a Sports Betting App, which gives members opening spreads and totals, current spreads, moneylines and totals, as well as betting percentages, scores and alerts triggered by our Betting Systems.

Ability to select which sportsbook alerts to receive

Sports Insights gives members the option to select which sportsbooks they would like to receive alerts from via email, text and popup. This feature can be found by clicking on the “Settings” button at the top of the screen. Then click the “Alerts” tab and select the “Selected Sportsbook List” link.

Provide the percentage of money bet

The most common suggestion we received in our survey was the ability to display the percent of actual money bet on a specific game. While we would like to offer this information, none of our participating sportsbooks have agreed to provide it for us. If a sportsbook ever does agree to offer the percentage of money placed on a game, we will do all we can to acquire that information for our members.

Break down the “# of bets” statistics

Many members expressed interest in viewing a more detailed break-down of the “# bets” statistic. We collect the number of bets from three of our seven contributing sportsbooks and this information is delivered to us as a combined total number. They do not break it out in to the individual bet type, and therefore it is currently impossible for us to relay that information to you.

Too Expensive

A few members stated they thought our service, though valuable, was too expensive. We only charge $149/month for live odds, betting percentages and injury reports while our competitors charge between $300-$500/month for the same content. Compare Live Odds Providers

Our Sports Insights Pro membership provides the same live data plus Sports Insights’ Betting Systems Picks and Alerts for only $249/month. A traditional handicapping site sells picks for approximately $50/day, which works out to be $1500/month. We purposely keep our membership rates low in order to make it easier for members to overcome the cost of purchasing our content.

However, we realize that even our low price is out of reach for some sports bettors. It doesn’t make sense for a person who places less than $100 in action per week to purchase a $249/mo. membership. This is why we offer our Sports Insights Premium membership. No matter what kind of bettor you may be, there is a Sports Insights product designed to fit your particular need.

Sports Insights does offer discounts for those who are interested in purchasing more than one month of our memberships. Six month memberships are discounted 10%-30% and 12 month memberships are discounted 20%-40% off the regular monthly cost. We also periodically offer promotions that include additional discounts for Sports Insights memberships.