2010-11 NCAA Football Betting Systems Preview

With the 2010-11 NCAA Football season kicking off Thursday, it’s time to take our annual look at which of SportsInsights’ Betting Systems have been profitable in recent years.

Steam Moves

In 2009-10, Steam Moves triggered by 5Dimes (+21.1 units), The Pig (+14.45 units) and BetOnline (+11.82 units) finished the season as our top three sportsbooks. The following table shows three of our most consistent sportsbooks for NCAA Football Steam Moves over the past three seasons.

Sportsbook 2009-10 2008-09 2007-08
Bet Jamaica +6.1 units +15.03 units n/a
SIA +2.51 units +4.23 units +3.55 units
Bodog +1.11 units +7.02 units +1.27 units

Smart Money

Cata/VegasVic was our most profitable sportsbook for NCAA Football Smart Money Plays in 2009-10, finishing the season +16.26 units. As you can see in the table below, these plays have performed very well over the past three seasons. Also note that last year was our first tracking NCAA Football Smart Money Plays at Matchbook, which finished the season +15.04 units.

Sportsbook 2009-10 2008-09 2007-08
Cata/VegasVic +16.26 units +5.14 units +2.76 units
ABC +5.24 units +4.5 units +2.04 units
Bet Jamaica +0.81 units +9.49 units n/a

Square Plays

Sports Insights has released Square Plays for NCAA Football since the 2003-04 season. Over that span, NCAA Football Square Plays have finished every season with positive units won, recording an overall record of +40.78 units. The table below shows the performance of these plays.

Year Record
2003-04 + 5.0 units
2004-05 +9.0 units
2005-06 +6.0 units
2006-07 +11.0 units
2007-08 +4.91 units
2008-09 +0.83 units
2009-10 +4.04 units
Overall +40.78 units

NCAA Football Sports Marketwatch

NCAA Football Marketwatch is a weekly column covering the sports betting world written from the sportsbook’s perspective. Every Friday morning, sports betting enthusiasts are granted a close up glimpse of life on the sportsbook side. We speak first hand with our contributing sportsbooks. They provide us with an all access pass to what’s really happening on the sportsbook side. The line board is a tough place to be. Find out which football games hurt the books and which games crushed the public.

Last year, NCAA Football Marketwatch posted a solid 56% winning percentage. With the college football season right around the corner, make sure you sign up to get our Marketwatch articles sent directly to your inbox.

Historical Betting Odds Databases

For those of you interested in doing independent research, make sure to check out our NCAA Football Historical Odds Database that includes opening/closing odds, final scores and our proprietary betting trends data for the 2003-2009 seasons.

XML Odds and Injury Feeds

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