2009 NCAA Football Betting System Preview

To the delight of sports bettors everywhere, the college football season kicks off on September 3rd when South Carolina goes on the road to take on North Carolina State. When preparing for an upcoming sports season, it’s important to do your homework. Most bettors research teams, schedules, last season’s results and everything else related to the games themselves. But it’s equally essential to research Sports Insights’ betting systems results from previous seasons, so you know which plays and sportsbooks to follow when the games begin.

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NCAA Football Square Plays

Square plays have been great to college football bettors for the past six seasons. Starting in 2003-2004, square plays have an average winning percentage of 56.3%. They also have finished each season with positive units won, at an average of +6.12 units/season. (To learn more about betting units, read our article on the Importance of True “Units Won” In Evaluating Betting Strategies). Square plays require absolutely no research. Simply wait until their released (5PM ET on weekdays and 12PM ET on weekends) and follow these historically consistent plays.

College Football Square Play Results



2003-04 21-16 (56.8%) +5.0
2004-05 30-21 (58.5%) +9.0
2005-06 32-26 (55.2%) +6.0
2006-07 33-22 (60%) +11.0
2007-08 34-29 (54%) +4.91
2008-09 47-42 (52.8%) +0.83
Overall 197-156 (55.8%) +36.74

NCAA Football Steam Moves

Successfully wagering on steam moves is all about following sportsbooks with positive records. This becomes easier as the season progresses because there is more data and a larger sample of games that reveal which books have winning records. For example, Canbet is currently +25.27 units this MLB season. A bettor wagering $50 on every Canbet steam move would have made a profit of $1263.50. As a result, bettors should pay attention when moves are triggered at sportsbooks with positive units won.

But when a season commences, like NCAA football on Thursday, each sportsbook begins with a 0-0 record. Therefore it can be difficult to figure out which ones to follow when a move is triggered. To be prepared, research which sportsbooks have performed well in the past, then follow their early moves.

To research Steam Moves from previous seasons, head to our NCAA Football Steam Moves page. Click on the drop down menu next to “Season:” to see records from each of the past three college football seasons. Then find specific sportsbooks that have positive records. Below is brief overview of previous seasons results.

College Football Steam Move Results

2008-09 Season 2007-08 Season 2006-07 Season
Book Record Units Book Record Units Book Record Units
Bet Jamaica 128-101-1 +15.03 SI TEST 18-6 +10.36 Pinnacle 30-19-3 +11.0
CRIS 67-50-2 +10.91 Sportsbook.com 15-6 +7.57 CRIS 38-30-3 +8.0
ABC 80-62-2 +10.49 BetUS 11-4 +6.18 BetUS 7-3 +4.0
Skybook 71-55-1 +8.92 Sportbet 7-1 +5.28 ABC 12-9-2 +3.0
Bodog 21-12 +7.02 Olympic 42-34 +4.24 Olympic 15-12 +3.0

NCAA Football Smart Money

Similar to Steam Moves, it is important to follow Smart Money Plays that are triggered by the most profitable sportsbooks. After checking out our NCAA Football Smart Money page, you can see that over the past two seasons, Bodog has posted an overall record of 45-20 (+21.04 units). BetOnline was added in 2008 and had an impressive debut, going 41-25 (+12.19 Units). When Smart Money plays are triggered by a sportsbook that has been consistently profitable in the past, pay attention.

College Football Smart Money Results

2008-09 Season 2007-08 Season 2006-07 Season
Book Record Units Book Record Units Book Record Units
BetOnline 41-25 +12.19 Sportbet 44-27 +13.62 Grande 10-5 +4.09
Bodog 20-8 +10.27 Bodog 25-12 +10.77 Sportsbook.com 26-20-2 +3.73
Bet Jamaica 53-39-1 +9.49 SI TEST 62-48-2 +8.19 ABC 744-37-3 +3.09
5Dimes 88-71-3 +9.18 Olympic 54-42 +7.18 BetUS 29-24 +2.37
Cata/VegasVic 43-36 +5.14 Sportsbook.com 37-27-1 +7.08 Skybook 23-20-2 +1.0

Sports Marketwatch – NCAA Football Edition

Sports Marketwatch is a weekly column covering the sports betting world, written from the sportsbook’s perspective. Last year was SportsInsights.com’s first season writing an NCAA Football edition of our Sports Marketwatch. We posted a solid 25-23-3 (52.1%) record and hope to improve upon that this season. To receive our Sports Marketwatch articles, head to our Newsletter Sign Up page, and enter your email address.

Remember, doing sufficient research is important to having a successful season. Be sure to take some time and look at how specific plays have performed in recent years. Once you have an idea of which books to follow, you’re ready for another profitable college football season.