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Academic Sports Betting Research is at the heart of what Sports Insights does. We are an internationally recognized leader in betting information services. Our goal is to educate sports bettors about using statistical analysis and sports betting research to help evaluate risk, when attempting to predict “winners” in sporting events. We don’t guarantee winners, or promote impossible winning percentages. Professional sports bettors operate within a winning percentage of 54-57%.

The key point to understand is that the difference between winning and losing over the long-term is measured by only a few percentage points. Anyone can go 10-0 one week, but very few sports bettors win above 54% of their bets over the course of entire season. At Sports Insights, we define success as consistently winning over the long term. This page offers sports bettors a list of published academic research articles to help you win.

Visit this page often for new betting research articles and ideas. The staff at Sports Insights is constantly researching the sports betting market, developing new and cutting edge sports betting systems. Solid betting research should always form the foundation of any serious sports betting system.

Academic Research Papers on Sports Betting

A sizable body of literature examining the “efficiencies of the sports betting marketplace” already exists. We examined some of the better known works in hopes of educating sports bettors. Note that all the authors, unlike touts or “scamdicappers”, do not guarantee winners. They also believe that the inefficiency they discover will fade out over time.

Academic Research on Football An article examining academic betting trends focused solely on the NFL and college football.
Total Bets – Always bet the UNDER Academic research supporting betting the UNDER.
NFL Betting Tendencies Noted economist supports “Bet Against The Public” strategy.
No Place Like Home Looks at NFL games that have national focus, Monday night and playoff games, from 1981-1996. The home underdog on Monday night wins 65.6% of the time!
Price Predictability: Insights from the NFL Point Spread Market Most studies look at seasonal biases, this paper looks at in-season bias. It analyzes games from 1981-2000. They find a late season bias in the NFL – weeks 15,16,17 and playoffs. looks at the sports betting world as a unique marketplace. Unlike the stock market, the sports betting marketplace produces clear winners or losers based on measurable outcomes (sporting events). By applying some of the same economic tools and theories used in the financial world, we evaluate the sports betting marketplace for inefficiencies. By “inefficiencies” we simply mean measurable and predictable mispricing of games. Our research has uncovered profitable betting systems and strategies that exploit these measurable inefficiencies in the sports world. The most published and easily implemented of these betting systems is our signature “Bet Against the Public” or “Fade the Public” strategy. Stop buying snake oil from “scamdicappers” and start sports investing with a proven betting strategy. Take a moment to review our sports betting research and articles.

Sports Betting Research Proving that “Betting Against the Public” is Profitable pioneered the use of “betting percentage” data from online sportsbooks to successfully “Bet Against the Public”. We have over 10 years of data (from 2003 to present) to support the claim that “Fading the Public” is profitable. Read articles showing results of “Betting Against the Public” for all major US sports (NFL, NBA, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, and NHL).