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Atlanta, GA – Friday, March 14, 2008 – Just in time for “March Madness,”, a pioneering source for real-time betting statistics, announces the addition of, to its list of contributing sportsbooks. The agreement means (Costa Rica) will provide real-time wagering statistics to in its unique sports betting marketplace analysis. is the only place on the web to track real-time betting statistics from online sportsbooks. Best of all, people have free access to this betting data. The betting statistics, defined as the number of bets and percentage of bets placed on a sporting event, come directly from’s line board.

According to Daniel Fabrizio, founder and CEO of, “We are absolutely thrilled to have come to an agreement with Skybook, which will allows us to add their experience and expertise to our portfolio of contributing sportsbooks.  Skybook is a well-known name in the industry and we hope to further solidify our site as the premiere destination for sports betting information. Adding Skybook betting stats to our marketplace brings the total to six contributing sportsbooks, and further solidifies as the leader in live sports betting information.”

Today’s announcement comes on the eve of “March Madness,” the NCAA basketball tournament. is the only outlet offering betting statistics on every NCAA tournament game. takes these unique statistics and puts them into charts that give viewers an easy-to-view snapshot of the real-time data and analysis. View live betting charts on NCAA Tournament games at

“Just as financial sites like CBS Marketplace monitor trading activity on Wall Street, monitors sports betting activity at major online sportsbooks,” says Daniel Fabrizio. “For example, everyone knows the spread was -2 Duke in last week’s Duke vs North Carolina NCAA basketball game, but takes it a huge step further. We show people the forces behind the betting line – the number of bets and the percentage of bets placed on every game.”

To help explain unique analysis, consider this scenario:

Duke is favored by -2 points, but uses real-time wagering statistics from Skybook and five other top sportsbooks to provide even more in-depth statistics that include:

* 65% of the bets are on North Carolina

* # bets polled = 15,201

* 59% of the wagers on the Total points scored 169 are on the Over believes bettors can exploit inefficiencies within the marketplace by applying the rigorous statistical analysis of the financial world to the sports betting industry. For example, sportsbooks know the public overwhelmingly bets on “favorites” and “over” and shades betting lines to take advantage of this. By taking a big picture look at real-time bets, turns betting into a level playing field.

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