Importance of Real Time Updates

Real time updates (odds and betting trends data) allow you to see the sports betting market as it happens. You’ll have your finger directly on the pulse of the sports betting marketplace. Rather than having to wait to find out if a line moved or the public betting percentages changed, you’ll be able to pounce when its clear which teams the Sharp Money is pounding.

In sports betting, seconds matter and having access to real time odds and betting percentages will give you a significant advantage over the sportsbooks. Not only will you instantly know which teams to bet, but you’ll be able to profit before the market corrects itself.

In order to realize your full winning potential, you need access to real time updates. We strongly encourage you to try our Free All-Pro Combo Trial. You’ll have access to real time updates, plus betting system picks that alert you via email, text or popup to profitable betting opportunities. Instead of continually depositing money at your sportsbook, you’ll now be calling for payouts!