Pinnacle Sportsbook Review

Pinnacle Sportsbook revolutionized the online sports betting industry when in late 1999 they introduced the world to “reduced juice” sports betting odds. Pinnacle Sportsbook is the original “reduced juice” sportsbooks. A lot of sportsbook teased sports bettors with promotional fluff about reduced juice pricing but when you read the fine print they only offer it  for very limited hours. They would offer -107 pricing on Monday from 3-5pm. This was mostly a marketing ploy to promote reduced odds, but making it difficult as possible for bettors to actually use. The general consensus in the sports betting world was that a sportsbook needed -110 pricing to be profitable. When Pinnacle began offering -105 pricing all the time everyone in the sportsbook industry thought they were crazy. The problem with there thinking was the fact that the the rise of the online sportsbook ushered in new business model with significantly lower overhead. Most online sportsbook are located in in countries with extremely cheap labor, less regulator oversight (red tape), and a much lower tax bill.

Pinnacle understood the fundamental economics of placing a bet had significantly changed with  rise of the online sports betting. The cost of doing business online was a faction of what it takes to run a land based Las Vegas sportsbooks.  Instead of hiring an army of employee which need to trained and paid, the online sportsbook simply added servers. A single Pinnacle web server could do the work of 100+ ticket punchers. Pinnacle Sportsbook borrowed a page right out of Walmart’s playbook and begin offering everyday 24×7 cheaper pricing because their overhead was lower. They took a no nonsense approach to sports betting and passed the savings on to the sports bettor. By offering significantly lower pricing Pinnacle was able to quickly turn the sportsbook industry upside. Within a year and half they processed the largest volume of sports bets in the world.   Pinnacle takes more bets in one day then most larger sportsbook take in a month.

Pinnacle Sportsbook continues to be a market setting online sportsbook. They are one of the first sportsbook to offer betting odds on any major sporting event. Unfortunately in Dec of 2006 Pinnacle Sportsbook pulled out of the US market. No longer can US citizens enjoy the benefits of reduced sports betting. But there is light at the end of tunnel. It seems that Pinnacle is being beat at it’s own game by Sports Betting Exchanges. Sports Betting Exchanges has been around for a couple of years now. They are basically an eBay for buyers and sellers of sports betting odds. The pricing sports bettors will receive at sports betting exchanges will be in the +100 to -102 range. They can offer this low pricing because they not a sportsbook. Sports betting exchanges make money on every transaction since they are not taking the bet, but merely matching buyers and sellers of odds. If you thought reduced juice betting was great visit a sports betting exchange. They are easy to use with the layouts mimicking traditional online sportsbooks. Read our article on Sports Betting Exchanges.

Pinnacle – sportsbook review (NO LONGER ACCEPTS US PLAYERS)

Loose Lines They have an opinion
Reduced Juice  -105
Bonuses 10% on initial deposit, 5k max, 3x rollover, plus 30days, no reloads
Summary: Pinnacle can proudly call itself the King of Reduced Juice. They normally offer -105 and on NFL they go as low as -104. That’s currently the lowest on the Net. This industry leader out of Curacao takes players of all sizes with a posted maximum of $30,000 on NFL sides but they won’t turn any bet down. Their linesman is sharp and doesn’t follow the crowd, leading to a few unique numbers.