NBA Square Plays Analysis Shows How Numbers Add Up to More Accurate Statistics and Potentially More Winnings

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ATLANTA, GA – Monday, November 7, 2005 – Sports Insights kicks off the NBA 2005-2006 season with its exclusive one-of-a-kind NBA Square Plays Analysis. Square Plays Analysis looks at the day’s most lopsided games in terms of the total amount of money being wagered on one team. Sports Insights crunches the numbers and provides sports fans a quick and easy way to potentially make more money. The NBA Square Play Analysis is the cornerstone of Sports Insights main goal – to provide sports fans with the most accurate sports betting information anywhere. The results speak for themselves; since 2002, Square Plays Analysis has produced a winning percentage of 55% -57%.

The Sports Insights team developed this analysis after noticing and tracking what’s called ‘the Square Play” while working at as oddsmakers at various sportsbooks. The sportsbooks put up multiple games on the board that appeared to have “soft” lines; enticing people to bet on the games like they knew what the score would be. More often than not, the public was wrong. In other words, the sportsbooks played on the public’s general psychological bias towards betting on the “favorites” to bet even more money on supposed lopsided games. At that time, Sports Insights saw an opportunity and used it to provide its Premium Members information that’s rarely, if ever seen by the public.

The team spent months working through the numbers they tracked with the Square Play games and then looked at data that’s never seen by the public – the exact dollar amount being wagered on every single game. With that major piece of information, Sports Insights analysts devised formulas and theories to churn out statistics that can pinpoint the days betting trends. Thanks to partnerships with some of the top online sportsbooks, Sports Insights is able to post the three most unevenly bet games in terms of the amount of money wagered on one team. Sports Insights members are given the best advice for which way to bet on the game – by going against the public. The analysis proves that the most lopsided games in terms of money wagered are not always the most lopsided games in terms of the percentages of bets.

At the same time, Sports Insights analysis uncovered inefficiencies within the sports betting market. Again, it is based on the public’s bias towards betting on the favorites. Sportsbooks know that the public bets on favorites disproportionately and factor that bias in when they create the odds. In other words, they help create even more demand for betting the favorite by already tilting the odds towards the favorite.

Sports Insights saw an opportunity to see if there was a way to correct these inefficiencies and provide our members with more accurate information. Sports Insights put its “Bet Against the Public” strategy against the public betting percent over the course of the last two NBA seasons. Sports Insights went through a variety of data checking methods used on Wall Street to throw out bad data. What stood out in the end were results that were cleaner and more reliable – despite the odds being so heavily tilted by the sportsbooks.

NBA Square Plays Results*
Year Record Winning Percentage
2003 211 – 176 55.2%
2004 148 – 120 55.7%

In addition, sports fans can track their winnings like a stock – even showing a person’s overall return on investment (ROI). It’s all done in real-time and displayed for members in easy-to-understand graphics.

Sports Insights is confident in its Sports Investing tools that die-hard sports fans won’t want to live without having this accurate information at their fingertips anywhere they’re able to jump online or on their mobile phones. Just go to for more information.

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