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Our series of sports betting video webinars, hosted by Sports Insights Founder/President Dan Fabrizio, show you how to bet on sports like the pros. View our sports betting videos here to learn more about our systems and software and sharpen your skills. Watch all our sports betting videos on our Sports Betting Video Tutorials page.

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Learn How to Win with Line Predictor Video Webinar Line Predictor Demo:
See the Line Predictor in action. Learn about how it works and why it’ll help you win.
How to Win with Bet Labs How to Use Bet Labs:
Learn how to build robust data driven NFL betting systems. Among the topics discussed are the impact of big data on sports betting, best practices when data mining and how to obtain betting data.
Build Data Driven NFL Betting Systems Video Build Data Driven NFL Betting Systems:
Learn some valuable tips and tricks for using our Bet Labs software, the difference between good and bad betting systems, and how the software easily lets you find profitable ranges.
How To Bet on the the NFL Video Webinar How To Bet on the NFL:
In this 55 minute webinar, we touch on how to evaluate line movement, comparing sharp vs. public line moves, analyzing the importance of public betting trends and identifying the sportsbook moves you should be following.