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Our live Sports Betting Hangouts cover the most important moves of the day and are only available to Sports Insights members.

Hangouts are like webinars, but much more fun.

Unique analysis you can’t find anywhere else

Every day we break down the odds, analyze each game and search for profitable opportunities using Sports Insights. We also discuss betting strategies like fading the public and managing your bankroll, and also answer your questions on the games.


Our goal is simple: help you make smarter bets

During the live Hangouts you’ll learn how to…

  • Fade The Public by analyzing the number of bets and betting percentages
  • Locate Reverse Line Movement (RLM) by comparing the betting percentages to the odds movement
  • Utilize all Pro features including the Value Meter, Line Predictor, Line Watcher, injuries, weather and matchups data
  • Identify Sharp Action using our dollar percentages and Bet Signals
  • Shop for the Best Line using real-time data from 50+ sportsbooks
  • Customize your live odds page to fit your personal betting style

When are the Hangouts? How can I attend?

Our Betting Hangouts run every weeknight at 6:30pm, Saturdays at 11am, and Sundays at 12 noon (All times are ET).

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