The Wall St. Journal, March Madness & Sports Insights’ Research

DURHAM, NC – March 9, 2011 – The Wall Street Journal revisited a contrarian approach to the sports betting marketplace and analyzed March Madness games in an article entitled, “Little-Loved Underdogs May Be the Best Bet.” In particular, The Wall Street Journal’s Jared Diamond interviewed SportsInsights President, Dan Fabrizio and researched years of men’s college basketball data to study a contrarian method that captures value. The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Find the Cinderellas with the least amount of hype—and put a wad of cash on them.

Fabrizio examined the final betting lines of every Division I college basketball game played in March or April since 2004 and monitored the bets taken by six popular online bookmakers. He determined when one team is favored by at least 16 points and receives more than 60% of the bets, the underdog covers the spread 56.5% of the time.

The results are strikingly similar to those of another study Fabrizio performed in December, which examined the benefits of the contrarian investing technique to betting on NFL games.”

The entire text of the March Madness article can be found here:

The idea of “contrarian sports investing” is gaining traction and SportsInsights is a pioneer in the drive to model the sports betting world as a financial marketplace.


SportsInsights’ contrarian methods have provided its Members with an edge over the years, across all major sports – and recently completed another successful year in 2010, with profits in most sports. Baseball is one of the most consistent sports for contrarian sports investing.

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