SportsInsights Kicks off 2010 Football Season with Revamped Website

DURHAM, NC – August 30, 2010 – To kick off the 2010 football season, SportsInsights is pleased to announce the launch of its revamped website and new real time odds odds product, which provides faster access to sports betting information. Visitors to the website will notice a cleaner and snappier look to go along with the speedier interface.

SportsInsights is also offering expanded injury reporting, customer service and support. The new website is easier to navigate and offers many more customizable options.

Increased Speed

Using new and improved technology, SportsInsights is able to provide its members with a more efficient website. In particular, the popular Live Betting Odds and Betting Trends page displays relevant sports marketplace information materially faster than the previous version. SportsInsights continually strives to improve its products and services to help its members succeed in the competitive world of sports investing.

SportsInsights and the Sports Betting Marketplace

SportsInsights uses pioneering betting charts to track the percentage of bets and money placed on every major sporting event. In particular, SportsInsights tracks and publishes important sports marketplace data such as:

  • Point spreads,
  • Money line odds,
  • Totals,
  • Percentage of bets on each side,
  • Volume of betting activity.

SportsInsights is a leader in sports betting information and has authored a popular series of books that apply contrarian investment techniques to the world of “Sports Investing.”


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