ESPN & SportsInsights Review NFL Week 16

DURHAM, NC – January 4, 2011 – ESPN’s Chad Millman, who covers sports betting, interviewed SportsInsights President, Dan Fabrizio, for the second time this season, this time about NFL Week 16.  In addition to the week’s games, Chad Millman wrote:

“For example, Dan Fabrizio of the sports betting info site enlightened me the other day when I called him to talk about the Week 16 NFL line moves. His site, which I wrote about earlier this season and which got a nice write-up in the Wall Street Journal this week, is as rich as it gets when it comes to the academic study of gambling. In fact, there is a link at the top his homepage called “Articles.” Click on that, and along the left-hand side of the page is another link called “Academic Research.” Seriously, he is cataloging the papers that people write and research to get a better understanding of how to bet sports. That’s commitment.” 
Chad Millman’s article can be found here:

The article analyzed five NFL match-ups using SportsInsights’ philosophy of studying the sports marketplace in search of contrarian value.


SportsInsights contrarian methods have been highly successful at the start of the 2010-11 football seasons.  They have proven to find value in the sports marketplace over the years, across all major sports.

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